Linear Light Modules

LED Modules


- High efficiency, good color consistency.

- The module has good heat dissipation. To ensure the good heat dissipation and stability of the module, PCB adopts the super thermal conductivity of ≥ 1.5mm thickness board with the copper thickness scheme of the super general board.

- The module design scheme is excellent, and the voltage difference between the head and tail of the 4 modules is within 0.3V.

- The color temperature of the module can be changed every 100K, and the CRI can be changed from 81 to 95.

Application scene:Factory workshops, car washing room, gymnasiums, offices, homes, bookstores, conference rooms, hospitals, campuses, etc.

Technology Spec.

Part Number Module Voltage(V) Module Current(mA) Module Power(W) Module Efficacy(lm/W) CRI Module Viewing Angle Module Size(mm)
RT-MTDAB2T18-E1 40-53 8并16串 14-20 120-180 80 120 582*24*1.5
RF-MTD302T18-E1 40-53 4并16串 14-20 110-150 80 120 582*24*1.5
RF-MTD402T18-E1 120-180
RF-MTD502T18-E1 120-180
RF-MTD302T08-E1 40-53 3并15串 6-8 110-150 80 120 582*24*1.5
RF-MTD402T08-E1 120-180
RF-MTD502T08-E1 120-180

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