Direct Panel Light Modules

LED Modules


- The whole lamp has very thin thickness , and with the good uniformity , also with Excellent heat resistance performance.

- The first to develop and apply for a utility model patent for appearance.

Patent No.: 201320798184.1

Application scene :Offices, hotels, conference rooms, supermarkets, indoor lighting, factories, etc.

Technology Spec.

Part No. Module Voltage(V) Module Current(mA) Module Power(W) Module Efficacy(lm/W) CRI Module Viewing Angle Module Size(mm)
RF-MTD302T06-C1 30-45 150 6 95-110 80 120-160° 508*18*1.0
RF-MTD402T06-C1 105-115
RF-MTD602T06-C1 105-120

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