1010 Series

Indoor Display


- Perfect led chips applied to P1.5-P2.5 indoor display.

- Diffusion design:Matte surface, soft light shape, surface light source characteristics; Lambertian diffused viewing angle, good RGB mixed light effect.

- Low degradation, High reliability: Adopt high reliability chemical material design; With unique package technology to ensure the entire product life cycle and provide stable light output.

- High contrast: All black lnkjet technology (Surface &Side view); ensure the highest reflection efficiency.

- Customized material design: Pure gold wire, C194 Copper material carrier, imported epoxy glue and modified PPA stand material design, to ensure long term work stability of quality.

Technology Spec.

Part No. L/F Type Color IF (mA) IV(mcd) λd(nm) Vf(V) 2θ12(°) product status
RF-W5HR10HS-A53 black R 5 30 618-628 1.6-2.3 110 Full Production
G 3 88 518-530 2.4-3.1
B 3 15 464-474 2.4-3.1
RF-C5HR10HS-A53 Black R 5 42 618-628 1.7-2.4 110 Full Production
G 3 88 518-530 2.4-3.3
B 3 15 464-474 2.4-3.3

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