3004 0.6H Series



- 0.6H, global patent;

- Product application: LCD backlight, mobile phone backlight;

- Ultra-high color gamut, cost-reducing development;

- White LED, PLCC package;

- Meet RoHS requirements.

Technology Spec.

Series Part No. L/F Type Test Condition(mA) IV(mcd) Rank Vf(V) NTSC Patent
3004/0.4T Series LT34WH-A-Q 3.0*0.6*0.40mm 20 2750-3650 H/J/K/M/N/P Universal silicate color system 2.7-3.2 65-70 Global patents
3004/0.4T Series LT34WH-A-GL 3.0*0.6*0.40mm 20 2450-3150 M&N&MN High color gamut 2.7-3.2 85-90 Global patents

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