3006 Series



- 0.6T Series

- NTSC>65%

- Stable reliability, LM50 ≥ 30,000 hours

Technology Spec.

Part No. package L*W*H(mm) colour gamut If(mA) Static electricity VF(V) IV(lm) 2θ1/2(°) description Application
LT3006WH-A-Q Silicate 3.0*1.0*0.6 0.65 20mA 2KV 2.7-3.1 7.5-10.00 120 Mobile phone/PAD/Laptop/Smart wear
LT3006WH-A-GL High color gamut 3.0*1.0*0.6 0.85 20mA 2KV 2.7-3.1 7.25-8.75 120
Cell phone/PAD/Laptop

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