Our Company

Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co., Ltd is the world's well-known LED packaging solutions and opto semiconductor supplier, which covers the research and development as well as production of LED light sources and provides application solutions for Micro LED display, AI sensor, general lighting, etc.

Refond was founded in 2000 with scientific and technological innovation, technology leadership, and product differentiation, which are the core competitiveness of our company. Refond has established deep business and strategic partnerships with the world's first-tier brands. At present, the company focuses on Mini LED, Micro LED, AI sensor devices and other areas of research and development and business layout, to enhance the company's core competitiveness and sustainable profitability.

During years of development and accumulation, Refond has helped customers in various industries and meet the needs of present and future social development with scientific and technological innovation. In the future, Refond Optoelectronics will continue to practice the brief of "enriching human life with innovation and technology", integrating global resources with technology, promoting innovation and development. Over 20 years, Refond is committed to realizing the corporate vision of "the world's leading technology company".



- 0404 μPKG ultra-micro package realizes mass production

- Micro-LED new display technology realizes

- Walden Fund Strategic Cooperation

- Top 70 Innovative Enterprises in Shenzhen

- Approved to establish LED TV backlight in Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Research Center

- Mini-LED P0.68 new display technology Realize mass production

- Zhejiang wholly-owned subsidiary was established and Yiwu Industrial Park started

- Obtained GE Fluoride KSF phosphor application patent authorization

- Won the first and second prizes of National Technology Invention

- Acquired Shenzhen Lingtao Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

- Merging with Lingtao. Refond laboratory got CNAS certification and Shenzhen LED TV backlight engineering technology research and development center. Obtained the white light patent license of TOYODA GOSEI.

- Refond laboratory got CNAS certification.

- CSP patent, technology and product solution; Inorganic package technology and product solution, EMC LED MP.

- Founded wholly owned Shanghai subsidiary.

- High power LED eutectic bonding technology MP application.

- 360°emitting package and filament product.

- High power LED phosphor KL graphical coating; Promoted PCT TOP LED.

- IPO succeed.

- Promoted TOP LED 4014, 7020

- LED TV backlight overall solution and products; High power package phosphor coating technology improvement and lens molding technology.

- TOP LED. Technology improvement of die bounding, Refond was the first to promote the 30mA driven TOP LED.

- Founded wholly owned Ningbo subsidiary

- DA-epoxy ohmic contact bottom line protection technology and patent.

- Approved high power ceramic led patent, package technology and package product.

- Won "Hi -Tech Enterprise "award.

- Established the first domestic SMD LED packaging lines.

- Refond founded.