Smart Vehicle

Refond has begun to deploy automotive electronics and lighting applications in 2004.Since 2011, it has supplied a large number of all Hyundai & Kia models, Great Wall Hover H2, H6 models, SAIC-GM Wuling Baojun 510, 730 models, Geely Boyue models, etc.,promising customers with “0” quality defects and “0” service time difference to meet customers' needs immediately.In the future, Refond will vigorously develop the application of automobile intelligent related products.

Mobile intelligence and peripherals

Since the acquisition of Lingtao Optoelectronics in 2015, Refond has actively deployed the display of smart phones and launched the research and development of other optical devices of mobile phones. Now, it has completed the products such as proximity light sensor, depth lens fill light, front lens fill light, and has started to send samples to customers for testing


With the development of 5G and AI, human beings have entered the era of consuming photons. A large number of applications of various optical + optical sensors will appear. Refond will combine the advantages of its own devices and optical design to develop and lay out products in optical sensor applications.

Future Ultra HD Display

Refond optoelectronics invested in new display research and development in 2016, and built the first domestic Mini/Micro LED mass production line by the end of 2018. Its products have been verified by a large number of important customers such as automobile, mobile phone, direct display, backlight, TV, etc., and achieved batch supply for individual customers.