Research Ability

Research Ability

Research ability

Refond R & D team has around 200 employees

Refond LED research and development team consists of 200 employees, accounting for more than 10% of the REFOND employees. More than 90% of them get a bachelor's degree, and 10% get a master's and doctoral degree (including National Commissioner).


The experimental center was established in 2013 and covers an area of more than 600 square meters.

CNAS Certification

Got CNAS certificate in December 2015 and is listed as a national laboratory. It provides complete-testing methods for company technology innovation and product development, and flexible testing data for LED quality control and management.

Shenzhen LED TV Backlight Engineering Technology Research and Development Center

In 2015, Refond was approved to establish the innovative carrier "Shenzhen LED TV backlight engineering technology research and development center", which is an advanced software and hardware technology platform. Under the guidance of the national policy of "innovation and industrialization", the engineering technology research and development center is supported by Shenzhen science and technology innovation Committee and Shenzhen Refond optoelectronics co., ltd. It has greatly promoted the scientific and technological innovation of Refond Optoelectronics, becoming the main body of technological development.

In 2018, Refond was approved as "Guangdong LED TV Backlight Engineering Technology Research and Development Center". With the full lab capacity, Refond is committed to building a state-of- the-art LED Research and Development center.

Refond filed a total of 324 patent applications

Refond owns an extensive list of patents. The total number of patents granted is 221, and 90 of them belong to Invention patents.

Introduction of PatSnap Database

Refond introduced a patent search system in 2017, which can respond quickly to company patent search needs.

We realize independent analysis of intellectual property infringement and ensure the smooth development of R & D activities.

Completion of Intellectual Property Certificate

Regulate the management of corporate intellectual property rights. The company introduced an intellectual property compliance system in 2018 and qualified for the certificate in May 2019.

Quality Control

- Passed the audit of international TOP customers and SGS social responsibility of third party, in compliance with the requirements of the EICC electronic industry code of conduct.

-Confirms to the international standard of ROHS, REACH, HF, IEC/EN62471 and LM-80.

- TC 16945 / ISO 9001 / ISO14001 / IOS17025 / QC 080000 / OHSAS 18001