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Light, for LCD liquid crystal display

LCD backlight display refers to the use of LED to provide light source for the LCD panel, so as to be applied to mobile phones, pads, and laptops. At present, LCD liquid crystal display, is the industry's most mature, the most perfect, cost-effective product solution.

Lingtao Optoelectronics is committed to the development and application of backlit LED devices, which can meet the market demand of mobile phones, laptops and tablets. It is a complete supplier of liquid crystal display light source and provides the overall solution of mobile phone products.

Through years of exploration and research, LED has been expanded into a complete set of backlight module solutions, including 0.6& 0.5 & amp; 0.4 series products. Stable and reliable quality, Lingtao photoelectric LED products also have high color gamut, narrow frame, high energy efficiency, low power consumption and other characteristics.

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