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The evolution of human lighting source is a long process. With the improvement of social progress and demand, the efficiency of lighting source is gradually improved, and the color of light source is more and more diversified. However, the living environment is also seriously affected by light. Living ENVIRONMENT LIGHTING aims to advocate the behavior of "people-oriented, quality lighting", enriching the living environment on the one hand, reducing light pollution on the other hand, in order to improve people's performance, comfort, health and comfort state.

Indoor lighting includes home lighting, commercial lighting, display lighting, etc. Outdoor lighting includes landscape lighting, street lighting, outdoor signs, etc.


Indoor lighting

Data show that more than 2/3 of a person's life is spent indoors, living, working, studying and so on. With the improvement of social progress and demand, how to create a kind of love in the limited space is not only the simple design of four walls and one roof, but also to meet different needs, to seek the unity of body and mind, natural and comfortable wonderful feeling, in short, is the perfect integration of sensory and visual.

Therefore, as an indispensable part of indoor lighting, the direct trigger point of vision, in the reliability of the function and the creation of a comfortable environment, it is particularly important to choose a partner with rich experience and strong strength. Ruifeng Optoelectronics has a wide range of LED device products, which can be used in home, office, building, shopping and other places. It has unlimited possibilities in commercial and residential space applications. No matter what the total demand, we can always find the perfect solution.

Our medium and small power series, filament series, COB series have reached the latest level of technological development, and can even exceed your expectations. All products can be perfectly integrated with your architecture, structure and installation, economic efficiency, and extraordinary quality. Not only that, but its impressive energy efficiency performance and excellent durability are even more impressive. In our opinion, quality means everything. All of these are derived from our years of experience in the lighting industry. We are here and more than happy to help you create a comfortable interior space.


Outdoor lighting

The light of night is always like a beacon, not only to illuminate the way ahead, but also to give people courage and safety. Today, with the development of science and technology, the role of outdoor light is not only lighting, but also ornamental. Just like beautiful scenery, it needs perfect products to show it. Therefore, choosing reliable partners will be the key to determine whether beauty can be retained.

Switzerland abundant photoelectric LED device has extensive product portfolio, including EMC series high power products and COB series adopt high quality packaging, they designed for professional outdoor lighting, can be foreign media match all high quality application, from the functional lighting to the decoration lighting, tunnel lighting to garage lighting, street lighting to architectural lighting, Our leds are outstanding in terms of durability and long life.


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