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Car is known as "mobile house". With the development of The Times, car is no longer just a means of travel, but has gradually become a public necessity, and has become one of the main venues of people's life. People's harsh pursuit of life, performance in the atmosphere of the experience, internal need to achieve visual and sensory integration, external need to meet the speed and safety of the high unity, comfort and ease of harsh automotive lighting system put forward high requirements.

Lighting and signalling systems for vehicles
Lighting and signalling systems for vehicles

Outside the car interior lighting and decorative lighting applications, Switzerland abundant photoelectric full color LED light (including custom color), the IR leds components cover all performance levels, encapsulation shape and size, lighting and signal device, Switzerland abundant photoelectric comprehensive, highly diversified portfolio of products, suitable for almost all cars inside and outside act the role of the application. We understand the specific needs of customers and keep close contact with customers. In terms of solutions and customized solutions, Ruifeng Optoelectronics has jointly created a number of successful solutions with customers with rich experience and strong strength, thus gaining a high reputation in the field of automotive lighting.

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