Commercial lighting

With the rapid development of commodity economy, people pay more and more attention to customer experience. All merchants hope to present the best goods and services to customers. High quality light will make the product more attractive, and low quality light color will make the product lose its appeal.

In recent years, In recent years, shopping malls, hotels, catering and other industries have increasingly specialized lighting requirements

The COB products developed by Refond are professionally subdivided for applications in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, catering and other industries.

Let's learn about commercial lighting, Refond commercial lighting products and applications.

The difference between commercial lighting and conventional lighting

Conventional lighting mainly focuses on the illuminance of the entire environment. Usually, the overall environment is bright as a main purpose of conventional lighting. Commercial lighting is aimed at the interaction of products, environment and human eyes. According to the color of the product and the theme of the scene, the illumination and color of the local area are different from the ambient light.

Conventional lighting is flood lighting, and there is no distinction between light and dark in the entire area. Commercial lighting uses lights to differentiate goods from surrounding objects.

The purpose of commercial lighting is to highlight products from environmental objects, so that customers can discover products from many items at a glance.

How to highlight products

Commercial lighting fixtures make the illuminated objects stand out from the environment through two aspects.

1.through the angle of the lamp

The angle of conventional lighting fixtures is generally required to be as large as possible. It is best to achieve a uniform divergence of the solid angle of 360° in the space, without obvious brightness difference, and even distribution in the entire space. In contrast to commercial lighting, it is required to only illuminate within a designated small area, and the less light outside the area, the better. Representatives of these two types are bulb lights and track lights. The former emits light at all angles, while the latter only emits light within 30° .

Representative of conventional lighting-bulb light

So how to realize the small angle lighting of the lamps? One is that the light-emitting surface of the light source is required to be as small as possible to increase the power per unit area; the second is the secondary light distribution of the lamp, using reflectors, lenses and other optical devices to converge the light to increase the central light and reduce the light from other angles.

High power density package COB +reflector+ lens= small angle beam

2. Through the color of light

The human eye is more likely to perceive objects with deeper chroma and greater brightness. All lamps must pass light to make the color of the object more vivid. The light reflected by the object received by the eyes; and the reflectivity of each object to each band is different, the color will be different. Adjust the spectrum of the light source, try to increase the proportion of light power in the band with high reflectivity of the object. Such light illuminates the surface of the object to enhance the chromaticity of the object, making people feel that the color is more vivid

Refond commercial lighting product

Refond can provide customized product design according to customers' application requirements to achieve packaging solutions with different package sizes, power, CRI and spectrum, covering the mainstream aluminum-based, ceramic and other packaging forms in the market, involving 3W-100W or even more High-power color light, white light, dimmable commercial lighting package COB accurately meets new product development and customer product program design needs, also can provide professional and accurate commercial lighting package and lighting technology solutions