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With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people will pay attention to experience and health; therefore, the demand for future home lighting is no longer just the need for lighting, but will also focus on comfort, quality, health, creativity, and intelligence to develop; for home lighting applications, as LED device packaging, we have a wide range of product solutions, from bulbs to ceiling lights, downlights, spotlights, etc,Refond can provide you with high-quality and ideal packaged light source devices;

Home Lighting-bulb solution

As a home lighting application, bulb lamps are currently the main product application. According to statistics, the global sales of bulb lamps are about 8 billion. At present, they are mainly LED plastic bulb lamps and glass LED filament lamps; and according to the LED energy consumption standards of various countries, Refond products have the following recommendations:

1. LED solution of switch type driver:

Refond recommended products

2. IC linear drive type LED solution

Refond recommended products

3.Filament bulb solution

Home intelligent lighting solutions

With the rise of smart homes, intelligent lighting may become the mainstream of intelligent lighting in the future. For intelligent lighting, as a LED package company, Refond will focus on the development of light color purity and high stability; at the same time, through the development and optimization of packaging structure, To better solve the problem of multi-control signal access; this is the main direction of Refond for intelligent lighting; the following is a series of products developed by Refond for intelligent lighting;

1.Smart bulb RGB solution

In order to solve the problem of light color purity and lifespan, Refond developed EMC3030RGB products, which use R/G/B single-band chip multi-pin integrated packages to make the light color purity higher and better connect the control system. It allows customers to easily adjust 36 million colors; at the same time, the bracket adopts EMC high heat dissipation materials, so that its life maintenance rate can meet 25,000 hours;

2. Smart filament bulb solution:

The first generation: Bluetooth/WIFI/voice multi-color temperature adjustment

Second generation: Bluetooth/WIFI/voice multi-spectral adjustment

The third generation: multi-spectral adjustment + sound / monitoring… (more customer experience)

Home lighting-full spectrum health lighting solutions

Due to the narrow beam of ordinary white LEDs, especially the concentrated energy in the blue wavelength range, LED lighting sources will irradiate the human body for a long time. Conventional LED lighting products are prone to blue light hazards to the human body, because the peak wavelength of blue light radiation and the retina The blue light damage characteristic curve and the human body's non-visual sensitivity curve have a relatively large overlap. Therefore, excessive blue light used for indoor lighting will have a series of effects on human physiology, psychology and optic nerves. The high color rendering full-spectrum LED light source is compared with the conventional LED light source spectrum, which complements the lack of spectrum part of the conventional LED light source, so that the overall spectrum continuity is greatly increased, which is close to the full spectrum of sunlight and is more suitable for lighting. The full-spectrum LED light source is a product created to improve the light quality of the lighting LED light source. It greatly improves the spectral continuity, color saturation, and color rendering index of the lighting LED light source, and effectively reduces the blue light hazard. Due to its unique performance advantages, full-spectrum LEDs are also likely to become mainstream lighting; the following is the full-spectrum LED light source solution developed by Refond for health lighting;

Refond recommended product solutions