LCD backlight source

Light, born for LCD

Lingtao's LED solutions for small backlight products

Lingtao Optoelectronics is committed to providing customers with comprehensive backlight LED products. After 20 years of technology precipitation, Lingtao pursues high-efficiency, high-quality, and high-reliability LCD backlight products, and provides customers with complete solutions.

Why does the LCD module emit light?

The LCD panel does not emit light and require backlight to provide white light. The white light becomes linearly polarized light after passing the polarizer (POL). At same time, by changing the signal from the lower substrate glass TFT and voltage, applying electric field to LED, and change its molecular arrangement, thereby using the optical rotation characteristics of the liquid crystal molecules to polarized light, thus to control the light throughput of each pixel, and match with the upper substrate color filter (CF), finally emitting light and mix into the multiple colors.

The backlight of Mobile products adopts the LED side-entry structure, and can achieve minimize the thickness of the entire product structure.The specially designed dots on the bottom of the light guide plate destroy the total reflection condition, so that the light can exit from the light guide plate, under the action of the diffuser film and the light-enhancing film, the original scattered light direction is corrected, and finally achieving the optical characteristics that meet the requirements of liquid crystal display.

High brightness

People's requirements for the display screens from simple full-color to realistic, pursuing a better visual effect and obtain a more delicate picture. Therefore, the future development of high-definition displays will still follow the trend of high-definition, high-brightness LED displays. This requires the brightness of the LED to be high enough to meet the high resolution display of the LCD.


With the trend of mobile products being thinner, the LGP and LEDs used also need to be thinner.Under the requirements of high-performance mobile phones, the demand for brightness is also higher. Therefore, our company has launched a full series of ultra-bright side LEDs with different thicknesses, which at the same time meets the needs of high brightness, and better adapts to the development trend of ultra-thin mobile terminals.

Narrow frame

The arrival of the OLED display has caused a great impact on the LCD display. With its excellent picture quality, ultra-thin and ultra-narrow appearance, OLED has attracted many consumers. If LCD manufacturers want to compete with OLED, they must upgrade product specifications and further optimize the design. As a result, narrow frame and thinner technologies are naturally essential.

High color gamut

The color gamut of general LCD mobile devices is about 72%, while the color gamut of OLED can reach >100%; in order to better cope with OLED and opponents, mainstream high-end models choose high color gamut technology!