Mini LED Backlight

1. Mini LED backlight display products: Compared with traditional side-view backlight LED packaging with dozens of large-size LED lamp beads, the Mini LED backlight is a direct-lit backlight composed of thousands or more lamp beads. It is more stringent to technologies such as luminescence consistency and mass transfer.

2. At present, Mini LED has successfully met the conditions of technology, production capacity and production yield. It will enter the fast lane of development soon and will become a new blue ocean market for LED displays.

Advantages of Mini backlight products:

1. Compared with OLED, the thickness of the LCD panel with the Mini LED backlight design is basically the same as that of the OLED panel, and it can be comparable to OLED in terms of color display. Higher brightness and better reliability will bring customers a better experience than OLED.

2. It can replace the original OLED TV, and the cost is greatly reduced.

3. It is difficult for OLED to achieve an 8K display. Mini COB solution can be matched with 8K cell to make up for the blank market for high-end customer demand

4. Mini POB (Gypsophila Solution) can achieve thinness, high brightness, high dynamic ratio, and high color gamut, showing a higher cost performance on OD5-12mm medium and high-end TVs.

Refond technical strength:

Refond has begun to cooperate with major domestic and foreign customers to develop Mini LED related products in 2016. It is one of the earliest companies in China to start the research and development of Mini LED, and has a certain accumulation in technology and customers.

The company's Mini-related technologies can be applied to various electronic products such as mobile phones, TVs, tablets, and VR. Refond has developed various Mini backlight and display product solutions in close cooperation with well-known electronic companies domestically and abroad. At the end of 2017, Refond Optoelectronics has established the first Mini LED automated production line. In China, it is one of the first enterprise that realized the mass production of Mini LED products.

Mini backlight solution:

Mini POB solution (Gypsophila solution), using 1919 package size lamp beads, the lamp beads SMT on the PCB, recommended OD between 5-12mm, to get large light-emitting angle of the lamp beads. With a small number of lamp beads in the backlight solution, and the cost of the current solution, it is much lower than the cost of the Mini COB solution and is a high-quality choice for the backlight solution of mid-to-high-end TVs. The product can achieve lightness and thinness, high brightness, high dynamic ratio, and high color gamut. At the same time, the company has solution capabilities such as local dimming IC drive solutions and PCB circuit layout and can provide very cost-effective solutions for TVs of different sizes and OD values.

Application: E-sports display, TV

Mini COB solution

Mini COB solution, the flip chips are transferred to the PCB in large quantities, the chip of the full flip chip is directly mounted on the PCB, and the heat dissipation is directly through the PCB board, whose heat dissipation effect is better; compared with the traditional SMD package, the full flip chip Mini COB The chip is directly mounted on the PCB, which reduces the failure factor of the bonding wire eutectic and improves the reliability; the full flip-chip Mini COB technology eliminates the SMD bracket and SMT reflow soldering process, without insufficient soldering risks, and has higher reliability. The full-flip COB has surface protection and can withstand greater external forces, so it can reduce the cost of subsequent damage and maintenance.

The Mini COB solution has a wide range of applications, which can be applied to various electronic products such as mobile phones, watches, VR, tablets, and TVs. It can realize solutions such as ultra-thin, high brightness, high dynamic ratio, high color gamut, winding, special shape. At the same time, the company has the ability to provide various electronic products Mini COB backlight solutions.

Application: mobile phones, TVs, tablets, VR and other electronic products