Mini LED Display

Refond Mini Display Solution

Recently, with the development of Mini/Micro LED, the market structure is slowly changing. In the field of small pitch (≤P1.25) display, domestic and foreign display manufacturers have successively launched Pitch 0.9-1.25 products and are actively deployed extra-small pitch displays. Even many traditional panel manufacturers are actively participating in the business battle of "competing for future display market", and have developed and launched related products through capital and technology, develop channels to seize the market.

With the gradual reduction of pitch, for the traditional SMD package, because the single LED device is too small, the processing accuracy and process difficulty are correspondingly increased, and the accuracy level of the existing equipment and supporting devices cannot satisfy the realization of smaller pitch products.

As a result, the full flip-chip Mini COB package technology structure was born. Compared with the traditional SMD package, the full flip-chip Mini COB has many advantages, which can effectively avoid the problems caused by humidity, static electricity and other environmental or human factors in small pitch leds of traditional SMD package. Uniform light emission, similar to a area light source, it can effectively eliminate moiré, reduce glare; compared with the traditional SMD package, the heat is dissipated through four solder joints, and the full flip-chip Mini COB Chip is directly mounted on the PCB. The heat dissipation effect is directly through the PCB board, and the heat dissipation effect is better; compared with the traditional SMD package, the chip of the full flip-chip Mini COB is directly mounted on the PCB, which reduces the failure factor of the bonding wire eutectic and improves the reliability; Mini COB technology eliminates the SMD lead frame and SMT reflow soldering process, without the risk of soldering, and has higher reliability. The full flip-chip COB has surface protection, which can withstand greater external forces, so it can reduce subsequent damage and maintenance costs.

Compared with other manufacturers, Refond not only has 20 years of packaging experience, but also early intervention in the field of full flip chip technology and invested a lot of researches and development capabilities; in 2016, it began to cooperate with major domestic and foreign customers to develop MiniLED related products; At the end of 2017, Refond built the first Mini LED automated production line in China. And successively developed P0.9, P0.6 extra-small pitch and P0.4, P0.3 tiny pitch products, and cooperate with customers to participate in industry exhibitions for many times

Mini LED Display

Refond Mini Display with two series products:

The First Series: COB Module,Which involve module, cabinet and comprehensive solution

The drawing of Display control system Solution