Digital display

Interactive digital display make life more convenient

Under the impact of the Internet tide, the concept of "smart appliances" began to emerge. The integration of the three networks (telecommunications, Internet, and TV), and the "four screens in one" (TV, mobile phone, PAD, and computer) make space compression, time extension, as a result, intelligence are the inevitable trend of the development of the times. After the integration of the three networks and the application of the IoT (Internet of Things), electrical appliances including refrigerators, lights, air conditioners, TVs, DVDs, stereos, microwave ovens and washing machines will enter the intelligent era. All home appliances can be controlled through mobile phones or other integrated devices, which bringing huge opportunity for the interconnection of home appliances and its upgrades. As a well-known LED packaging manufacturer in the industry, many products developed by REFOND are widely used in smart home appliances, demonstrating the deep foundation and strength of REFOND.

The demand for smart home appliances

1. Networking function. Various smart home appliances can be connected through the home LAN, and can also be connected to the manufacturer's service site through the home gateway interface, and finally can be connected to the Internet to realize information sharing.   

2. Intelligence.

Smart home appliances can respond automatically according to the surrounding environment without human intervention. For example, smart air conditioners can automatically adjust their working status to achieve the best results according to different seasons, climates and user locations.   

3. Openness and compatibility. Since the smart home appliances of the user's home may come from different manufacturers, the smart home appliance platform must be developable and compatible.   

4. Energy saving. Smart home appliances can automatically adjust the working time and working status according to the surrounding environment, thereby realizing energy saving.   

5. Ease of use. Since the complicated control operation process has been solved by the controller embedded in the smart home appliance, the user only needs to understand the very simple operation.

The development trend of digital display

In today's society, with the rapid development of science and technology, the momentum of social and economic advancement is unstoppable, and digital products as new products are the most important. With its unique characteristics, it affects people's daily life imperceptibly, and the entire digital market is developing rapidly, with extremely fast product changes, and various new products firmly grasping the eyes of consumers. At the same time, consumers are increasingly inclined to buy such products. Therefore, digital products should meet the actual needs of customers, but also meet their psychological needs, making it easier to exchange between humans and machine.

Advantages of digital display

LED devices empower the UI (user interface) to design a new style, and it realizes sensing and digital control, bringing convenience and atmosphere for the multi-dimensional interactive experience. It could be widely used for all household appliances, and the value of LEDs makes it the preferred light source for new modern designs. The LED device developed by REFOND brings new possibilities for the digital display, indication and design of electrical appliances. Although

consumers' expectation is only that electrical appliances have functional lighting, our solution completely exceeds expectations. In addition to functional lighting, it can also add pleasing components to the home environment. Therefore, designers can create a lighting experience that responds to the interaction between people and light.

At the same time, the application of LED digital has led to a number of products with digital display as the record mark, replacing traditional buttons, digital models, liquid crystal displays, etc. We call these products collectively digital products. By inputting a relative current to the pin to make it light up, it displays a digital device that can display all the parameters that can be represented by numbers, such as time, date, and temperature. Compared with traditional devices, LED 7 segment displays have the advantages of low power consumption, low heat, impact resistance, and long life.

REFOND, a professional LED supplier for smart home appliances

Smart home appliances realize anthropomorphic intelligence. The product uses sensors and control chips to capture and process information. In addition to automatic control according to the residential space and user needs, users can also customize settings according to their own habits. Just like a smart home, this can be set in advance. REFOND meets the different needs of the home appliance market. Coupled with our professional optoelectronic design capabilities, products with different parameters can be customized according to customer requirements. According to the design of the customer's space structure, we launched a smaller and thinner product series. In line with users’ increased light quality requirements, our products’ unique color consistency control ensures a better consistent vision of the finished product, and comprehensively reduces the user’s machine cost, meanwhile improve of the warranty period of the whole machine, REFOND launches products with strong resistance to Au-migration and strong ESD ability to ensure long-term reliability and life requirements.

REFOND's products are widely used in the field of home appliances, such as display screens, air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators and so on.

REFOND, profession comes from focus! Establish REFOND's brand image with leading technology and high-quality service, and be the best LED solution provider for digital display!