Outdoor Display

Routes are countless, safety is foremost

Introduction of outdoor display market and development trend

Since the LED display entered the application market, it has experienced the development process from single color and bi-color to full color display. In the era of single color and bi-color, based on the high brightness characteristics of LED, which are mainly used for signal indication, including traffic signal, bank information release and other fields. Until the invention of blue LED chip with commercial application value in 1993, full-color display became possible. LED full-color display truly realizes the large-scale application, with the full-color display appears, LED gradually replaces the outdoor curtain type light box billboard, the traffic indication extends to the traffic situation and the traffic guidance information release. In terms of transportation, outdoor LED display have been put into airports, railway stations and civil aviation airports, from flight information display to various specifications of advertising screens and from the application of LED display in sports field, information release of government agencies, timely warning of natural disasters, outdoor display of large enterprises and exhibitions to large outdoor publicity of internet celebrity chain base etc, which have formed a huge market of more than 15 billion outdoor display.

In the early stage, full-color display was mainly used for large-scale outdoor advertising, and the display pixel was large, which was only suitable for long-distance viewing. With the development of technology, the pixel is smaller , SMD LED outdoor display is the prelude of outdoor display. As the pioneer of the first SMD production line, we also produced 1515 outdoor LED in 2008, and Refond Optoelectronics lead LED package industry.

Outdoor display needs to solve the following pain points:

1.Glue filling and good sealing performance:

with Refond many years of technical precipitation, by using its own unique production process, it has successfully achieved easy gluing and best sealing performance, greatly improving the reliability of the product and meeting the application requirements of various outdoor harsh environments.

2. Low brightness of black light and high power consumption:

for this problem, Refond optimizes the light-emitting structure in terms of packaging technology and material selection, which improved this product 28% brightness higher than similar products.

3.Thicken the design of profile:

adopting the tensile structure design of PIN, which can realize the thickening design of profile with higher mechanical strength and more significant reliability.

4.Increase the blackness of LED:

the product uses the design of high density matte black, which improve the blackness of LED and increase the contrast. The picture quality is clear and exquisite, and the color is gorgeous.

5.UV resistant:

Refond outdoor LEDs have good UV resistant performance and the IP level is up to IPX8.

After comparative testing, among the products of the same level in the market, the main performance of Refond products are in the forefront.
Moisture sensitivity level reaches MSL1, with good air tightness, excellent waterproof and moisture-proof ability.

Outdoor display application cases: solution for LED road warning system

LED traffic variable message sign (VMS) is an important device for traffic situation and traffic guidance information release. It is a traffic information display device with LED as the basic display unit, which has the function of graphic and text display. According to the command information of traffic, weather, command and dispatch part, the operator can release all kinds of announcement information to the variable message board, so as to effectively guide the traffic flow, improve the traffic transportation capacity of the road network, and provide high-quality service for the safe and fast driving of drivers.

According to the road types, traffic display can be divided into expressway display and urban road display.

Highway traffic LED display series, because the LED traffic display guides the driver on the highway, it needs to have the following characteristics: high display brightness, long visual distance, relatively big display pixel and so on. Generally, the types of LED traffic display installed on expressways include: gantry frame LED variable message signs, cantilever LED variable message signs (low definition), single column LED variable message signs and speed limit signs.

Urban intelligent transportation LED display series, because the general driving speed and driver observation distance of urban traffic are far lower than that of expressway, this kind of road is more suitable for the use of high-definition, multi-functional LED variable message signs, and equipped with optional road condition detector interface. In general, LED traffic display in the city include: cantilever LED variable message signs (high definition) and compound LED variable message sign

Whether it is highway traffic or urban road traffic display, compared with the conventional floor display, it requires high brightness and focuses on text display. Therefore, the early traffic display basically used THT of small angle and high brightness, such as lamp 346 / 546. However, with the improvement of brightness and quality of SMD LED, and also since the production efficiency is higher than THT, more and more traffic displays begin to use SMD LED, such as SMD 3535 / 2727 RGB / RGBY/Y, etc.


Refond outdoor SMD LED adopts the tensile structure of PIN, with strong outdoor waterproof, anti humidity and UV resistant performance. The waterproof grade reaches IPX8, which is the key product for outdoor display at present. Among them, Refond outdoor 3535RGB LED with thick height can solve the ten thousand level brightness requirement of road traffic display well.