Intelligent Security System

Infrared tracking, no chance for accidents

Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics is constantly committed to the research and development of new technologies and new products. Refond launched a variety of infrared LED, including 2835, 3030, 3535, 3838 and other models and customizable module products. Products cover 850nm, 940nm and other major wavelengths. Refond occupied an important position in the fields of security monitoring, intelligent control, electronic whiteboard, health monitoring and VCSEL.Our advantages:Rich product categories with excellent structural design and high cost performance;Nanosecond response speed;Standardized production line under strict quality control;

What is LED fill light

LED fill light is a kind of auxiliary light source in night vision camera. Through LED white light and infrared light as auxiliary lighting, LED surveillance fill light is widely used in electronic police capture system and night vision cameras.LED fill light can also be used for object recognition, cross-border recognition, trajectory tracking, speed measurement, traffic statistics, behavior recognition and object positioning.

Compared with ordinary LED lights, the switch mode of LED monitor fill light can be automatically switched day and night. It can realize electric frequency trigger, frame synchronization, video synchronization and other functions. The application range of LED fill light is getting wider and wider.

1. In the absence of ambient lighting, the LED fill light can help the camera system to capture clear images, even for snapshoot or video recording.

2. The LED fill light can be used fixedly, and the LED fill light can be superimposed with daylight during the day, and works independently for object lighting at night. It can suppress the backlight during the day and suppress the glare of the car lights at night, to ensure better dynamic vision for the camera.

3. The luminous intensity and luminous angle of LED fill light are various. The light pollution is very small, almost no irritation to the human eyes, and infrared LEDs have extremely high concealment. In addition, the infrared LED module has extremely high interchangeability, plug and play.

4. The LED fill light has low power consumption, light weight, small size and high efficiency. The LED fill light can work day and night with low light decay.

At present, the fill light on the market is mainly divided into white light fill light and infrared fill light according to the application scene.The advantage of the white fill light is that the fill-in picture is full-color without noise, and it can achieve 24H full-color picture all day.The disadvantage is that white light is too dazzling, and is generally used for auxiliary lighting applications, such as communities, schools, roads, etc.

The advantage of infrared fill light is its concealment, which is mainly used in indoor applications. The light emitted is not dazzling. The disadvantage is that the picture made at night is black and white.

Industry chain of fill light for security application

The security fill light industry involves infrared leds, white light leds, and fill light led modules. Refond's product line highly overlaps with above-mentioned products. In addition, Refond team has professional photoelectric design capabilities. We can customize infrared and white fill light led or modules solutions according to customer’s requirements.

Refond products for smart security cameras

According to different market needs, Refond Optoelectronics has launched 2835 series, 3030 series and 3535/3838 series products with different power from 0.1W-3W for white and infrared fill light led.

Refond has a professional design team who can develop products with different angle views according to customer needs

Smart Security Product Application

The infrared fill light products developed by Refond are widely used in road Security Cameras, face recognition, indoor and outdoor monitoring, community monitoring, campus security monitoring, and occupy an important position in the field of intelligent monitoring with high concealment and stability.

Community/School Security Camera

Face recognition

License number Recognition

Indoor Security Camera

Green lighting, benefiting human, and reducing the burden on the earth” is vision of Refond. Refond is committed to being the best Led security lighting solution provider with leading technology and quality service!