EMC 7070 Round Cup & Square Cup



- Used in spotlights, floodlights, high bay lights, street lights and other fields.

- Material of lead frame:EMC, high air tightness, high integration and small size;

- Good color purity, high temperature resistance, low thermal resistance <15℃/W;

- Good light color consistency, full color temperature ≤5SDCM coverage;

Technology Spec.

Part No. Color CRI ф(lm)
IF(mA) Po(W) Viewing angle 2θ1/2 Tj(℃) IF- Max (mA)
RF-Q70*A***-24-2T12 3000K 80 1530 146 36 280 10 120 125 350
90 1300 124
5000K 80 1600 152
90 1360 130

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