High Density Led Strips (2110)

Flexible Strips


- Ultra high density offers more uniform lights,700LEDs/m;

- Linear emitting performance, dots free;

- Smallest size of LED;

- High reliability, excellent anti-bending ability.

Technology Spec.

Part No. Color Rendering Index
Po(W/m) Flux
CCT (K) Optional Vf(V) Optional FPC width
IP Rate Optional Installation
RF-G**TK1024-2470020I1-A0 90 24 2200 1800-10000 24 12 20 3M tape/Mounting Clips/Aluminum Profiles
RF-G××TK1024-2470065I1-A0 90 28 2200 1800-10000 24 10 20 3M tape/Mounting Clips/Aluminum Profiles

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