Human Centric Series (Health Lighting )



- Night: Use at night or at rest; Release melanin, make people more relaxed and improve sleep quality.

- Day: Used during the day or at work; Inhibit melanin, make people more energetic and increase alertness.

- Human Centric series NIGHT, which can provide different color temperature ranges from 2000K to 3500K, suitable for night indoor applications such as homes, entertainment and leisure centers, and make people feel happy, relaxed and help improve the quality of sleep.

- Human Centric series DAY version can provide different color temperature ranges from 3500K to 7000K. They are suitable for indoor applications such as offices, libraries, schools, and sports venues. They can increase people's awareness of awareness and focus more attention.

Technology Spec.

Size Product NO. CCT(K) Ra IF(mA) VF(V) W lm lm/W Max mA
13.50*13.50-7.80mm RF-A13C-W2MT0212-S7 2550 80 300 36 11 1350 121 480
13.50*13.50-7.80mm RF-A13C-W5MM0212-S7 5500 85 300 36 11 1410 126 480
19.00*19.00-17.00mm RF-A19B-W2MT0612-S7 2550 80 900 36 32 3905 117 1440
19.00*19.00-17.00mm RF-A19B-W5MM0612-S7 5500 85 900 36 32 4210 125 1440

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