Magic UFO

Magic Partner


- Special for automobiles

- Sterilization efficiency up to 99%.

- UVC LED wavelength 270-285nm

- Silent design

- Finished product, no need extra assembling

Technology Spec.


- Auto boot. Automatic shut-down

- Intelligent purification, energy-saving, power-saving, start and stop with the car, cycle purification

- High-efficiency negative ion, smoke removal and purification, antivirus and sterilization, 360° purification

- Smoke removal Bacteria 99% removal rate Corona-virus SARS-COV Odor UV sterilization Formaldehyde

Suppress infectious atypical pneumonia corona-virus (SARS-COV)

Inhibition of live virus suspension experiment, sterilization rate of 99.77%, no secondary pollution

- Fight the virus in all directions

- LEDUVC/TTA anti-virus composite material/anion

- Efficiently purify bacteria, SARS-COV, formaldehyde, smoke in the air

- Efficient negative ion generator

- Release 99 times the negative ions of the forest, effectively improve the air quality, let you sit in the car,

You can enjoy the fresh air in the forest

- Non-marking removable stickers. It can not only eliminate smoke, disinfect viruses and purify the air, but also has great anti-slip properties

- Multiple power supply methods

This product has a built-in battery to ensure the use of power, and it can also use a USB interface

Recycling USB charging green built-in battery

- Flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant materials, heat-resistant and safe, round and shiny

Environmentally Friendly Polymer

High temperature resistant flame retardant material

Non-toxic materials,Does not emit any odor

- Double lights to accompany travel

Create visual enjoyment in the car and also convenient for night operation

- Repeated testing to make you rest assured

Certified by multinational quality inspection agencies, safety and quality give you peace of mind

A good companion for antivirus and purification in the car


- Working method:MUC intelligent adjustment/start and stop with the car

- Nominal Power:<5W

- Virus removal rate:99.99%

- Sterilization rate:99.77%

- Formaldehyde removal rate:63%

- Negative ion:20 million negative ion concentration

- Working noise:low noise ≤ 30dB

- Net weight:280g

- Applicable space:3-5㎡

- Use environment special for automobiles

- Product size:127*127*56mm

- Color:Rose gold/Pearl White

- Fan type:Efficient turbocharged fan with PWM speed control

- Sterilization method:LEDUVC/TTA anti-virus composite material/negative ion

- Testing and certification:CE,FCC,ROHS certification,formaldehyde elimination report test, wide and micro test report