Magic Purifier

Magic Partner


- special for automobiles

- Sterilization efficiency up to 99%.

- UVC LED wavelength 270-285nm

- Silent design

- Finished product, no need extra assembling

Technology Spec.


- Commercial product model:MP-UVC03

- Working method: MUC intelligent adjustment/start and stop with the car

- Nominal Power:<5W

- Virus removal rate:99.99%

- Sterilization rate:99.77%

- Formaldehyde removal rate:63%

- Negative ion:20 million negative ion concentration

- Working noise: low noise ≤ 30dB

- Net weight:320g

- Applicable space:3-5㎡ Use environment car dedicated

- Product size:112*108*55mm

- Color: classic deep space/gray technical gray

- Fan type: Efficient turbocharged fan with PWM speed control

- Sterilization method: LEDUVC/TTA anti-virus composite material/negative ion

- Testing and certification: CE, FCC, ROHS certification, formaldehyde elimination report test, wide and micro test report

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