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Refond RGB LED, flashing in the center of city!

Mar 11, 2021

A nine-storeyed terrace must be constructed from its very base.

From the beginning of the establishment of Refond RGB Department, the company's strategy has been to establish a high-quality RGB LED brand. After more than six years of hard work, following the changes in the LED display market and product update, Refond RGB has always focused on providing customers with display LED components of high-quality outdoor engineering displays, outdoor small-pitch displays, and indoor customization, and have gradually gained recognition and favor from global display and media companies including Barco, Planar, and Phoenix Metropolis Media; Engineering display companies such as Sansi, Taiwan OPTOTECH, and domestic LED display listed companies have recognized and favored Refond RGB LEDs……. In the LED display engineering market, Refond RGB LED Department cooperates with customers to focus on products, focus on innovation, focus on customer experience, continue to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products, and stand out in more and more outdoor display bids. Continue to light up the center of the city!

BeiJing LED Display in Juntai Department Store

The first high-definition 4K outdoor LED screen in China

The LED display of Juntai Department Store is a landmark LED display jointly created by Phoenix Metropolis Media, Shanghai Sansi and Refond. Juntai Display is known as "China's First Street"—the LED display with the largest visible area on Chang'an Street in Beijing. It is also the first high-definition 4K outdoor LED screen in China. It is installed in the so-called "Beijing Shopping Paradise"--- -Jun Tai Department Store in Xidan, Beijing, is a well-deserved landmark flagship LED screen.

The screen is 54 meters long, 13.44 meters high, and has a display area of more than 730 square meters. This screen needs to be continuously lit for 18 hours a day. This is a high quality test for all materials such as LEDs and the overall system. As of now, it has been working steadily for nearly 6 years.

ShangHai LED Display in Paramount

LED Display in GuangZhou Paramount

Shanghai Paramount is a famous foreign market in modern Chinese history. It is a traditional "aristocratic district" with the nostalgic atmosphere of old Shanghai and modern style...

The display using Refond high-end LED (model: **35IS-A42) stands in the middle of the gate of Shanghai Paramount Building at the intersection of Nanjing West Road and Huashan Road in Shanghai, covering an area of more than 340 square meters. Across the road is the famous temple in the south of the Yangtze River---Jing'an Ancient Temple. The LED screen is located in the CBD center of high-end office buildings on Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. It is located in the Jing'an Temple business district that includes global high-end luxury brand stores. The advertising content of the screen covers a large number of high-end business people and shopping buyers.

GuangZhou LED Display in TianHe TaiKoo Hui

LED Display in TianHe TaiKoo Hui

The display is still the advertising media display project of Phoenix City Media. The display is 35.8 meters long, 13.44 meters high, and has a display area of 482 square meters. This big LED display is the portal display of the Tianhe CBD business district, the largest business district in Guangzhou and even southern China.

Refond provides a high-brightness version of 3535RGB LED to add light to the display. Refond 3535RGB LED provides stable light output, close to 0PPM bad failure ratio. Based on the demanding requirements of engineering display projects, Refond RGB LED regularly conducts the highest industry standards in the company's internal quality assurance system. Reliability verification and regular quality process audits.

ShenZhen LED Display in Zhong Dian Building LED Display/Huaqiang North Commercial Area

The Display erected in the Zhong Dian Building

The Display is erected in the Zhong Dian Building on Shennan Middle Road, the main road in Shenzhen. There are similarly famous landmark buildings such as SEG Plaza and HuaQiang Building in the surrounding area. The total area is nearly 500 square meters.

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Modern Window Display

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Modern Window Display (SEG Digital Plaza LED large Display) is located in the central area of Huaqiangbei Business District, known as "China's First Electronic Street", and is surrounded by Women's World, Maoye Department Store, Manha Plaza and New Asia Center and other well-known commercial squares.

Refond also provides high-quality RGB LED components for the LED display projects in the second Huaqiangbei business district to ensure the stable work of the large display day after day, year after year, and provide customers with highly reliable quality assurance. Make LED display partners feel it’s valuable for money and valuable for money.

Europe LED Display in Luxury shopping mall

LED Display in Luxury shopping mall

The project is located in a luxury shopping mall on Brussels Street, Belgium. Dozens of LED display are embedded in the entire wall, mainly to interpret and broadcast the world's top product advertisements in luxury malls. Therefore, European customers have particularly high requirements for the picture quality of LED displays. The LED display adopts P2.5 and uses Refond 1515 golden wire all-black LED(model: 21HS-A45). It provides European end customers with a high-brightness, low-power consumption, and the highest outdoor display contrast. The RGB LEDs provide the best picture quality and color effect for the advertising effect of the customer’s display. This is a classic high-end display project of Refond and Shenzhen Demingguang Technology in Europe.

Hangzhou Intime Department Store( Wulin Square) curved display

Intime Department Store( Wulin Square) curved display

This display is located on the roof of Hangzhou Intime Department Store. The display is curved with a total area of 1008 square meters. The whole night illuminates the largest business districts in Hangzhou—Wulin Square and Yan'an Road business district. The screen is known as the "Hangzhou's largest display" with its large area and excellent display, and occupying the core position of Hangzhou. At that time, the customer (Shanghai Sansi) put forward two special requirements, because the display body presents an L-shaped arc display relationship as a whole, which requires a more consistent half-power angle output and power output limit per square meter. The technical team of Refond RGB Division has achieved the customer's requirements perfectly through the accumulation of technology such as LED lead time design, process improvement and customized manufacturing capabilities.

ZunYi High-speed Rail New Town giant LED Display

ZunYi High-speed Rail New Town giant LED Display

The giant LED sky screen of the large commercial building brings us unprecedented visual shock and dreamlike feeling. Refond provides high-brightness outdoor 2828 RGB LED (model: **28IS-A43), and completed an 8500 square meter LED display canopy for the customer (Shenzhen Aoto Gtek Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd.,) in the high-speed rail new city of Zunyi City.

ZunYi High-speed Rail New Town giant LED Display

The length of the project is about 220 meters, the maximum width is 60 meters, and the height is about 30 meters. It is integrated in the shopping center building, so that the two buildings are connected by this "sky curtain". It is the overall design concept of Aoto Gtek, which of course also includes the delivery of RGB LEDs with stable quality from Refond, the illuminated LED canopy is magnificent, and the multi-curved shape and dazzling display effect highlighted the effect of immersive experience.

This project has also been selected as "Top Ten Excellent Display Projects in 2020" by the LED display application industry. Refond applauds and is proud of our customers.

ChongQing Midland Plaza "The Light of Chongqing" naked-eye 3D LED Display

CCTV News Hookup Clip

The 2020 Spring Festival is approaching, at the Midland Plaza in the Chongqing Airport Commercial District, it is also the first core hinterland for out-of-town passengers to arrive in Chongqing. The naked-eye 3D LED giant display created by Shenzhen LianTronics Optoelectronics is instantly out of the circle with a 3D trapeze in the super-time, adding a new dimension to Chongqing. The charm of Chongqing is called "The light of Chongqing".

The Refond 2727 RGB LED (model: 28IS-A47) used in this large display, which adds a lot to the dazzling colors of the entire giant display, the bright and wide viewing angle display, and the naked-eye 3D effect that shocks the night sky of Chongqing.

Much more than that, Refond has provided many high-end display customers in the industry with LED products with stable quality and excellent performance for outdoor engineering display. Refond RGB LED will continue to flash in the core business district of many cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, CBD and overseas central cities. Refond continue to provide high-quality RGB LED products and services. We cooperate with LED display customers to always strive for the center position of outdoor display in the city!

We also thank all the cooperative customers who provided the LED display successful cases above, and of course also thank the more outstanding customers and partners that have not been mentioned here. The mighty pass is like iron, and now it is crossed from the beginning with great strides. In the coming days, the RGB Department of Refond will still keep up with the pulse of LED display market and create more value for display customers!