Mini-LED Mass Production: To Know the Latest Mini-LED Technology

Dec 31, 2021

Mini-LEDs are incredibly popular because of the proliferation of numerous TV and smartphone screens that are taking advantage of the new technology. This exceptionally high contrast resolution uses thousands or more LED lamp beads to show any visuals. It has been in development for a while, but it is now in mass production thanks to its recent wide acceptance. This creates a couple of new advantages for using mini-LEDs.

  1. Luminescence Consistency - By introducing more LED lamp beads, screens get increased consistency from one visual to the next. There aren’t as many gaps between diodes as you would get with more conventional LED production.
  1. Mass Transfer - With so many companies using mini-LED technology, the application of mass transfer techniques to get the thousands of tiny lamp beads into proper placement is advancing at a rapid pace. That is why finding a quality mini-LED manufacturer that has solved this problem is essential to keeping your operating costs down.

Mini-LEDs are born from the traditional backlit LCD technology but use significantly more diodes that typically measure less than 0.2mm across. Mini-LED is popular because of its local dimming and high scalability. There is no meaningful limit on the size and density of the backlights except for the limitations of the overall matrix.

The Common Uses of Mini-LED

There are endless companies in line to introduce mini-LED technology into product lines because of the superior viewing experience it offers to customers. To not adopt this technology leaves a considerable gap in your competitive capabilities regarding the latest models and early adoptions of phones, TVs, vehicle screens, and even the screens on new appliances.

  1. Mini-LED Backlight - These thousands of diodes don’t wash out black shadows or contrasts as you would find on a traditional LCD. The mini-LED lam beads create excellent side-view from any angle for a better viewing experience.
  1. Mini-LED Display - As long as a mini-LED manufacturer is capable of meeting the matrix demands of the project size, the technology is far more efficient and rewarding to watch than others. It has a wide range of applications, including mobile phones, TVs, tablets, VR, and other electronic products.

The Challenges Behind Mini-LED Mass Production

Besides the mass transfer aspect already mentioned, a couple of other important factors can hinder or slow down the mass production of mini-LED backlight panels. Again, with major international brands like LG, TCL, and Samsung, which all have vested interest in the technology, these challenges are being overcome by some in the industry to meet the growing demand.

  1. Processing Accuracy - Due to the tiny size of the mini-LED technology, many manufacturers couldn’t reliably produce an accurate duplication of each diode, most simply because they do not have the machinery to create consistent diodes even under the best environmental situations.
  1. Processing Difficulty - Soldering creates a risk with mini-LED manufacturers because the size of the diode is so small. Being able to find a reliable process that doesn’t cause the bonding wire to fail frequently is a significant barrier to market entry and success.

What Technology is Used in Mini-LED Mass Production?

To compensate for these challenges, companies like Refond in China are using a more efficient manner of packaging. Refond passed on trying to retrofit the traditional SMD packaging system that almost always led to faulty equipment or poor results and introduced a new system called flip-chip mini-COB packaging technology. This allowed the company to produce a quality mini-LED array with consistent results and benefits, including:

  • Avoiding the problems caused by humidity, static electricity, and other environmental factors.
  • Effective production of the same specifications eliminates moiré and glare through uniform light emission.
  • Higher dissipation effect through the PCB board directly.
  • Reduction of failure along the bonding wire eutectic and improved reliability by directly mounting on the flip-chip mini-COB directly on the PCB.
  • Elimination of the SMD lead frame and SMT reflow soldering process.
  • Stronger surface protection leads to better protection against damage and lower maintenance costs.

The Technology Advancement of Refond

Having more than 20 years of packing experience, Refond quickly recognized the need for capital investment and research to adapt to the robust flip-chip technology. This advancement in mini-LED manufacturer capability has enabled Refond to maintain leadership in the industry as a reliable, safe, and high-quality business for clients of all sizes.

Refond uses two series of projects for mini-LED displays, including COB modules, cabinets, and comprehensive solutions. The other is the uPKG series which is smaller than lead frame type components and enables a smaller board size with higher packing density.

These two product lines enable Refond to meet the demands of pretty much any company and need from the large-scale advertising display or theatre to the backlight solutions with Mini-COB and Mini-POB technology that is commonly used to produce high-quality electronics like TVs, phone screens, VR, and more.

The Service of Refond

Refond has maintained the position as a recognized leader in LED industry for many reasons. The team at Refond has the technology, experience, and facilities to produce incredibly well-made mini-LED technology that meets the challenges of practically any industry.

  1. Quality & Reliability

Refond has more than 20 years of experience as a leading LED packaging solution and semiconductor supplier.

  1. Service & Support

Refond recognizes the need to maintain a quality working relationship with each client. That is why Refond maintains a professional and experienced support team focused on answering any questions, inquiries, or needs of clients with offices in Europe and China.

  1. Warranty

Refond offers a guarantee of excellence with each of the products as these are the best ambassadors for the company’s manufacturing capabilities.

  1. Pricing

Refond works hard to introduce as many operating costs saving that can be passed onto clients. We are always striving to maintain the incredibly affordable prices with the highest quality products.

If you would like to get started working with the professional team at Refond, visit our website. You’ll find contact information available for setting up a consultation for your production needs.