Ultra HD smart display, Refond shines on ISLE

Ultra HD smart display, Refond shines on ISLE

Nov 6, 2020

On August 31, 2020, ISLE Exhibition (International Large Screen Display Technology, Audio and Video Smart Integration, Advertising Signs and LED Exhibition) was grandly held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Refond participated in the event with the theme of "5G+AI+8K Super TV, Enjoy 5G Life Smartly". During the exhibition, Refond booth attracted a large number of customers. What are the highlights of the Refond booth? Let's take a look together~

4K Mini LED Display became the focal point of the audience, attracting countless customers

In this exhibition, Refond simulates the home environment, focusing on the self-developed star product-P0.68 118" 4K Mini LED display,Ultra-clear display, high color gamut contrast, ultra-high color reproduction, perfect picture quality, which is completely comparable to high-quality TV under close viewing, this Super TV has attracted a large number of customers to watch and take pictures. The sofa in front of the exhibits is always occupied by customers who are nostalgic for high-definition picture quality.

Refond 118" P0.68 Mini LED display

Refond Mini/Micro LED display with higher stability uses COB flip-chip technology, flip chip package. Its P0.68 Mini LED display has reached mass production as early as 2018, and has helped many industry leaders to appear at professional exhibitions such as CES in the United States and ISE in the Netherlands, and has attracted great attention. The P0.68 Mini LED display was favored by the leaders of the organizer in the device unit of this exhibition and won the "2020 ISLE-LED Display Excellent Product".

This small TV is very eye-catching, P0.49 display high-end operation

Mini/Micro LED is the ultimate display technology pursued in the market. There is no smallest in Pitch, only smaller.However, due to the technical barriers and costs of Mini/Micro LEDs, most companies are limited to the concept demonstration stage without physical exhibits. At this exhibition, Refond launched a 21" P0.49 Mini LED display, which earned enough attention on the exhibition site and attracted countless smartphone lenses.

Refond 21" P0.49 Mini LED display

In fact, the P0.49 Mini LED display does not represent the true strength of Refond. At the CES show in the United States in early January this year, the P0.39 Mini LED display module developed by Refond has sparked a discussion boom. As time goes by, P0.39 display module has been able to achieve small batch shipments.

The new favorite of the Internet celebrity-Refond 0807 RGB point control LED to create a panoramic 3D transparent screen

If Mini/Micro LED is the main player of this exhibition, then Refond's panoramic 3D transparent screen is definitely a must-see "net celebrity" check-in place for many customers.Innovation is the main feature of Refond. The 3D transparent screen mainly uses refond 0807 RGB LED. The LED will maximize the color change in the following application scenarios. It is the best choice for lighting decoration, leisure towns, shopping malls, scene homes, sky curtain tunnels, 3D effect lighting, flat large transparent screens and other scene decoration lamps.

1. Full-color point control, single point single control;

2. The three primary colors of each pixel can achieve 256 levels of brightness display

3. LED built-in point control IC (each lamp bead realizes 16777216 colors)

4. Intelligent programming, engineering matching general DMX512 controller;

5. In application, only two wires are needed to control the LED device

6. Low power consumption, wide viewing angle, soft light, brilliant colors, not glare

7. Product patented design, with clip lights and front stickers

Refond CTO Mr. Simon Pei attended the LED Inside New Display Industry Seminar and delivered a keynote speech: Thoughts on the eve of Mini LED mass production

"There is no doubt that the eve of MiniLED mass production has arrived, and the industry is in a state of restlessness." Refond CTO Simon Pei said at the 2020 TrendForce Consulting New Display Industry Seminar.

At the seminar, Mr. Simon Pei raised questions about the path of Mini/Micro LED from the perspectives of Mini/Micro LED application ecology, value chain division of labor and competition, and mass production challenges.At the same time, Refond's exploration and practical cases are shared for the reference of the whole industry. Mr. Simon Pei said that the choice of Mini/Micro LED substrate scheme, the choice of mass transfer methods, equipment and drive schemes affect the scheme design. For industrial investors, product solutions and process solutions determine the choice of equipment, process routes and assembly solutions, and ultimately affect the steps and pace of investment.In terms of overall mass production, most manufacturers at this stage get customized orders for small and medium-sized batches, but standardization of the necessary conditions for mass production is missing. Therefore, the breakthrough of Mini/Micro LED mass production requires the cooperation of the entire industry.

In 2020, we have witnessed too much history. Today, the epidemic has drifted away from us. We are sincerely grateful. As a leader in the industry, Refond adheres to the business philosophy of "Innovative Technology, Enriches Human Life", and strengthens itself with technological innovation. In the future, Refond will continue to strengthen the layout of Mini/Micro LEDs, explore technical routes that meet market requirements and meet mass production conditions in the process of communication and cooperation with customers, and fully promote the large-scale commercialization of the Mini/Micro LED industry.