Refond Optoelectronics Unveils New Outdoor Display Solutions with 10000-level Brightness 2727+LENS

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Refond Optoelectronics Unveils New Outdoor Display Solutions with 10000-level Brightness 2727+LENS


As one of the crucial means of communication, outdoor LED displays are widely deployed in commercial buildings, transportation routes, large commercial stages, parks, and more, owing to their advantages of high brightness, strong visual impact, wide viewing angles, and excellent color reproduction.

However, due to the complex and changeable outdoor environment, outdoor LED displays require low energy consumption and high brightness. They also need to meet higher protection levels, technical standards, and weather resistance to withstand long-term use in harsh weather conditions.

Fearless of Strong Light, New Products are Coming

As a leading innovator in the LED industry, Refond Optoelectronics is committed to independent innovation and research and development in response to market demands. We have launched a new high-brightness outdoor RGB chip product, 2727+LENS.

Technological innovation has increased the brightness of the 2727+lens product by more than 30%-50% compared to the original 2727 product. For instance, if the original brightness of the 2727 product is 6000nit, the brightness of the 2727+lens product with the same configuration will be increased to 10000nit. The new 2727+lens product features high brightness, low energy consumption, high reliability, and high cost-effectiveness, making it suitable for various outdoor display scenarios such as store signs, billboards, video walls, traffic signs, and market lighting.

Refond Optoelectronics' 2727+lens RGB products have passed multiple rounds of JESD22 series experiments and are in mass production.

Five Major Selling Points to Expand Application Boundaries

1.Lens Design: Innovative use of lens design based on the original 2727 product, allowing light to be more focused and achieving better display effects.
2.Ten-thousand-level Brightness: Through the principle of lens focusing, the brightness of the 2727+lens chip is increased by 30% to 50%, allowing it to present vivid and bright images even under direct sunlight.
3.Energy Saving: The 2727+lens product adopts a low-current mode, which, as the brightness of the product increases, allows for greater residual current usage, facilitating energy saving and maintaining LED stability.
4.High Cost-Effectiveness: Through structural optimization, the cost-effectiveness of the 2727+lens product is increased by 30% compared to similar traditional flat-cup non-lens chip products. Customers do not need to redesign the PCB Layout, which helps save development time and costs.

5.High Reliability: It can effectively replace plug-in chip products, further expanding the application boundaries of outdoor displays.

Grounded in Technology, Facing the Future

With the economic recovery, offline consumption scenarios continue to be "hot," and scenarios such as cultural tourism, supermarkets, performing stages, and exhibition displays have increased their demand for LED screens, which has driven the market for large outdoor LED displays, naked-eye 3D screens, irregular screens, rental screens, etc., to a certain extent.

Currently, people have increasingly high requirements for the energy efficiency and brightness of outdoor LED displays. The trend of using lower energy consumption to meet higher brightness requirements is becoming more evident, which will also be the direction of development for LED displays. In the future, Refond Optoelectronics will also actively improve technological solutions and process technology based on its advantages, enhance product competitiveness, coordinate with the advantages of the industry chain to control costs and provide the best application solutions for terminal manufacturers.


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