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The Shanghai International Automobile Lighting Exhibition (ALE), the authoritative event of the domestic automobile lighting industry, opened on November 9. This exhibition has gathered many advanced technologies and cutting-edge products in the field of automotive lighting, looking forward to the future and development of the global automotive lighting industry, which has attracted the keen attention of the automotive industry.

Refond Style

Booths & Products

Refond Optoelectronic layout vehicle LED light source devices for many years, with the whole vehicle lighting + on-board display system full set of solutions, product solutions are applied to a number of car models of many global auto companies. In this exhibition, Refond Optoelectronic focused on Mini LED technology, focusing on its application in the field of vehicle: pixelated intelligent taillight, Mini LED dynamic logo and Mini LED backlight on-board display and other innovative product solutions. During the exhibition, the flow of people such as tide, many industry people into the booth to visit the exchange. Refond Optoelectronic vehicle marketing team all-round, multi-angle display of Refond Optoelectronic innovative technology and quality products, won high praise from customers. Through this exhibition, we can strengthen the in-depth communication with old customers, establish communication channels with new customers, and provide the direction and ideas for the next development of Refond Optoelectronic.

Create ideas through innovation

Innovation & Creative

With the development of technology, various automobile appearance requirements and the manufacturing process of headlights are constantly innovated, which gives birth to a series of optical innovation schemes. Not only to achieve functional lighting, but as a symbol, text and image display, to achieve more and more dynamic effects, open a new interactive channel.

Mini LED pixelated smart taillights

In this exhibition, Refond Optoelectronic showed pixelated smart taillights. It can clearly display all kinds of warnings and signs, and customize all kinds of symbols and patterns. For example, it can give an early warning when there is a traffic jam, so as to prevent serious rear-end collision. It can be predicted that the information interaction between the autonomous vehicle and the surrounding environment through the intelligent taillight will be one of the important application directions in the future.

Mini LED dynamic logo

The logo is the symbol of automobile brand identity and product image. In recent years, all kinds of cool luminous car signs have emerged from the traditional static display, as one of the embodiment of the differentiation of the exterior of the car body.

In this exhibition, Refond Optoelectronic displayed Mini LED dynamic logo. Dynamic interaction, the ultimate cool, the logo can be customized information output carrier.

Mini LED on-board display

With the development of the automobile industry towards the direction of electrification, networking, intelligence and sharing, the intelligent cockpit demand for central control display, dashboard, heads-up display, rearview mirror, rear seat entertainment display continues to increase, driving the continuous growth of the on-board display market scale.

In this exhibition, Refond Optoelectronic displayed Mini LED backlit on-board display, which has ultra-high brightness, contrast and definition, clear and delicate picture quality, and can still be clearly seen under strong light, to meet the needs of outdoor travel.

Car market center

Change & Opportunity

As one of the earliest automotive LED enterprises in China, Refond Optoelectronic continues to improve the layout of vehicle scale LED products. Catering to the development trend of miniaturization, power and integration of automotive LED, our products have passed AEC-Q102 certification, providing a full set of solutions for the whole vehicle lighting + on-board display system.

Refond Optoelectronic is committed to providing customers with the highest system value of services and products, help customers to maximize the comprehensive value of products, promote the innovative development of LED lights, vehicle light units, together to meet the tide of domestic high-end semiconductor.

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