Breaking Dawn with Light | Mini LED Ambient Light Creating a Comfortable and Intelligent Driving Space

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Breaking Dawn with Light | Mini LED Ambient Light Creating a Comfortable and Intelligent Driving Space


Against the backdrop of the country's "dual carbon" strategy, new energy vehicles have further accelerated the development of intelligentization in the automotive industry. This has, in turn, driven innovation in intelligent technologies in automotive lighting. This innovation is not only reflected in the upgrading of front and rear lights for human-vehicle interaction but also in the gradual shift of interior lighting needs from static to dynamic interactions. The widespread application of ambient lights in cars further enhances the user driving experience.

China Automotive Lighting Market Size, 2014-2024 (RMB Billion)

Mini LED Ambient Light | Space of Light

Superstrong & Competitiveness

As an essential module in the intelligent cockpit, ambient lights can be linked with the entire vehicle scene to create an immersive dynamic lighting atmosphere, providing users with a high-quality "third living space" experience.

Responding to market demands, Refond has extended the innovative application of the Mini LED Feather Series to automotive scenes. This creates an ultimate, slim, and flexible solution for Mini LED ambient lights. With built-in high-density point light sources, uniform light emission, various color gradient effects, and enhanced interactivity, these lights can adjust wavelength, color, and brightness based on temperature, speed, music, user preferences, and driving environment. This light adjustment creates a comfortable, safe, and intelligent driving space, enhancing the user driving experience.

Ultimate Slimness Driven by Desire

Refond's Mini LED ambient lights adopt a non-active device design and industry-leading Mini LED molding technology. The product thickness is only 0.35mm for full-color and 0.48mm for white. Its ultra-thin, highly moldable, and long-lasting characteristics ensure perfect performance in the in-car environment, enhancing the vehicle's sense of technology and uniqueness.