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Choose the Perfect LED IP Rating for Your LED Lights: An Ultimate Guide


LED lighting has recently become very popular thanks to its wide range of advantages over traditional lighting products. When buying LED lights, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important factors includes LED IP rating. This rating determines the fixture's protection against elements such as water and dust, ensuring your investment lasts even longer. This article will delve deeper into LED IP ratings and provide all the information you need to decide when purchasing LED lights.

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LED IP Rating – Overview

Ingress Protection (IP) rating is defined in EN 60529 international standard. The rating defines the protection level of LED light fixtures against foreign objects, e.g., dirt, moisture, etc. The two digits of the LED IP rating refer to different protections:

· The first IP rating digit indicates the protection of the product against solid foreign objects, such as dust.

· The second digit of IP rating lighting is for the protection level against moisture or penetration of water.

Generally, the higher the IP rating of an LED light, the more waterproof and dustproof it is.

Importance of IP Ratings for LED Lighting

A light fixture with an improper LED IP rating can present a safety hazard by exposing the electrical components to dust and water. Thus, IP ratings are important to consider when choosing LED light products because of these aspects:

· Assisting consumers in choosing the appropriate product

· Detailing efficiency and durability

· Providing safety

· Establishing market standards

Selecting the Appropriate IP Rating for LED Lighting

Different application scenarios require different LED IP ratings. Generally, lower IP ratings are acceptable for indoor areas, while higher IP ratings are suitable for outdoors. Here are some key recommendations:

IP Rating for Indoor Use

As compared to outdoors, indoor lighting fixtures require a lower degree of protection. So, a low IP rating is typically sufficient. Here are some guidelines for choosing IP ratings for indoor areas:

· IP20: Indoor spaces that have limited potential for moisture and dust, e.g., offices, residences, etc., are suitable candidates for an IP20 rating.

· IP30: For humid areas, e.g., bathrooms, an IP30 rating is recommended because it can withstand a small amount of moisture and dust.

· IP40: The IP40 rating is suitable for indoor spaces prone to moderate moisture and dust levels, e.g., storage spaces, kitchens, etc.

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IP Rating for Outdoor Use

When selecting LED lights for outdoor use, it is important to take into account their safeguard against water, dust, and other elements in the surroundings. Some suggested IP ratings for outdoor lights include the following:

· IP44: If the outdoor space is not directly exposed to harsh weather conditions, e.g., rain, etc., the IP44 rating suits it. Such areas include covered patios, porches, etc.

· IP65: IP65 suits outdoor areas with hostile weather or precipitation. These include gardens, yards, etc.

· IP67 or Higher: For outdoor spaces where the lighting is going to be submerged in water for long durations, you should select an IP rating of IP67 or higher. Such areas include fountains, pools, etc.

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Whether you are choosing an LED IP rating for outdoor use or indoor spaces, you should consider the level of protection needed as well as the cost of the lighting fixture. Safety is a crucial element to consider when selecting an IP rating, but you should also consider the product's aesthetic features. Last, consider the installation type when determining the right LED IP rating.

Where to Get the LED Lights With Common IP Ratings

Knowing LED IP ratings is important for choosing the right products for various surroundings. By selecting the right IP rating, you can have peace of mind that your light fixtures will have durability and proper protection for years. When buying LED lights with proper IP ratings, choosing a reliable LED light supplier is the best option. Fortunately, there is no shortage of LED manufacturers that offer premium IP-rated LED strips. The seasoned brand Refond is a leading provider of LED lighting and related products.

Established in 2000, Refond has quickly become a top indoor and outdoor LED lighting supplier. We are built on our core values and excel at offering quality products at reasonable prices. All of our products are certified and made with premium-grade materials. Our expert team will happily answer your questions regarding IP ratings and ensure you get the right LED lighting solution you need for your project.

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