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How to Choose the Best Mini LED Backlight Solution Based on Sizes


Mini LED backlight is a new cutting-edge innovation in the market for advanced LED displays, which is the best display solution for the electronic business. It combines the perks of OLED screens with conventional LCDs, providing a budget-friendly and easy-to-use solution. Millions of smaller components result in brighter screens and a better contrast ratio, perfect for HDR content.


Apart from that, it provides a rapid response rate, low power consumption, and less heat generation. Also, it ensures a great user-friendly experience with better brightness and stability. Due to its incredible advantages, it is highly sought-after in the market. However, business owners struggle to choose one of the available Mini LED backlight sizes. Therefore, we have provided a short guide to help people choose the best display solution based on different sizes.



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Available Sizes of Mini LED Backlight

With the application of Mini LED technology, the Mini LED backlight enables great accuracy of backlighting and brighter images for diverse applications. Three sizes of the Mini LED backlight are commonly available in the market, depending on their application. People can choose the ideal size based on their desired screen dimensions. Here is an overview of the three popular sizes of the Mini LED backlight with their different application scenarios them;


1. Large Size

A large-size LED backlight, also known as the TV backlight, can be applied to large-size TV screens. It's perfect for a side view in TV displays. Most TV makers prefer to use the Mini LED screen in their devices nowadays. Also, people can use it for top view in large educational or conference machines, splicing screens, and others.


2. Medium Size

A medium-sized LED backlight has wide application scenarios. It can be applied to notebooks and other products that have a strict requirement of ultra-high contrast and color reproduction.


3. Small Size

A small-size LED backlight is a great solution for mobile phone products and laptops. Moreover, it can be applied to automotive displays, VR or DSC gaming, and other lightweight products.


Top Three Mini LED Backlights of Varying Sizes

Wonder where to find the right size and optimal product in the market? If yes, Refond has the best range of Mini LED backlights to satisfy requirements. We offer people three different sizes with incredible features and strengths to answer people's needs. Let's delve into them;


1. Large Size: SMC 3030 Series

SMC 3030 Series is a TV backlight suitable for large-size TV displays. It can be used for education, advertising, conference machines, and splicing screens. It meets all the performance requirements, including high brightness, color gamut, high luminous efficiency, optimum power, and others. High power and reliability deliver outstanding heat resistance and anti-sulfur performance.


Key features:

l Stable reliability with LM50 greater than or

Equal to 30000 hours.

l Rich CIE colors cover all the color blocks.

l KSF white light conversion patent guarantee.

l Global light bar patent guarantee.



2. Medium Size: 3806 Series

3806 series is an ideal pick for notebooks. It is a much-loved item to create a tranquilized ambiance; that's why most customers use it as an atmosphere light. On top of that, it offers 120-degree wide illumination without any trace of blind spots.


Key Features:

L NTSC > 65%

l Stable reliability with LM50 more than equal to 30,000 hours


3. Small Size: EMC 3014

EMC 3014 is an automotive backlight suitable for switch indication, vehicle interior lighting, and vehicle backlight display. The product is reliable and delivers stable performance with green environmental protection.


Key features:

l High reliability.

l Stable performance.

l Eco-friendliness. It meets the vehicle regulation AEC-Q102 reliability standard.

l White color.




Choose the Best Mini-LED Backlight Solution from Refond

Now that people have decided to buy an ideal Mini LED backlight solution, Refond is the right spot. As China's top manufacturer of Mini LED products, we specialize in the mass production of the Mini LED backlight. Also, we are equipped with a strong customer base at home and abroad so as to give better service to our clients. In addition, we've created various solutions for popular electrical businesses worldwide.


Our technology can be used in various electronic devices like tablets, smartphones, televisions, Don't hesitate to contact us to get the ideal Mini LED backlight size at a reasonable cost to boost the electric business. Feel free to check our products and choose from our top LED backlight.



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