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Indoor and Outdoor LED Module Light: What Are the Differences


LED technology, including lighting, displays, and billboards, has become prevalent in our everyday lives. One common usage is the LED module light, which has become a part of our homes and workplaces. In basic terms, it is a light module comprising many small electrical components called light-emitting diodes (as their name suggests, they give out light when electricity flows through them). A simple way to classify an LED module light is based on its application scenarios, namely, indoor and outdoor settings. This classification can be understood by looking at the unique characteristics of each environment.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor LED Module Light

Indoor and outdoor LED module lights can be compared across the following parameters:



LED module lights have different brightness levels, usually according to their area of use. Indoor LED module lights generally have a lower brightness since they aim to create a comfortable ambiance. Sometimes, the indoor light is intentionally dim to set a particular mood. On the other hand, outdoor LED module lights have greater brightness because their goal is to create as much visibility as possible and illuminate a dark area so that safety and security concerns can be addressed. Streetlights and floodlights are good outdoor LED module lights that create well-illuminated spaces.



Resolution refers to the number of LEDs on the light module for every unit area. This characteristic is an important feature for indoor and outdoor module lights. Indoor LED module lights generally have a lower resolution. However, the resolution for outdoor LED module lights is higher. It aims to reduce the chance of a critical failure as there are still enough LEDs available if some of them stop working, which is important for essential outdoor lighting like traffic lights.



The level of sturdiness and the ability to withstand harsh conditions are important considerations for indoor and outdoor LED module lights. Indoor LED module light can be deemed non-essential since indoor environments do not usually expose the LED module light to extreme conditions. However, the situation is the opposite in the case of outdoor LED module lights, where they are often exposed to direct sunlight, rain, and dust. That is why they require a certain level of resilience to cope with these challenges and avoid frequent malfunctions.



The budget required for indoor and outdoor LED module lights can also vary. The indoor LED module light is generally cheaper than outdoor LED module lights. This difference can be the result of earlier highlighted differences, i.e., the fact that indoor LED module lights are less bright, have lower resolution, and have lesser resilience, in general, makes them cheaper. There are exceptions for indoor LED module lights, particularly when used for decorative and commercial purposes. The general rule is that outdoor LED module lights are more costly.



The characteristics of each LED module light give an idea of scenarios where they could be purchased. An indoor module light is ideal for everyday use in homes and offices. Besides, some of its more advanced variants can also be used

for decorative purposes. The outdoor LED module light is more expensive, brighter, and rugged. They are used as a wide variety of options like flood lights, streetlights, and security lights, serving different outdoor lighting needs.


Two Popular Indoor and Outdoor LED Modules on the Market

Since indoor and outdoor LED module lights have their advantages, people should purchase them as per their needs. As there is always a demand for indoor and outdoor LED module lights, here list two of the most acclaimed pieces on the market.


1. Indoor LED Module-Ceiling Lamp LED Lighting Module

Although the indoor LED module is inferior to the outdoor LED one regarding brightness, our ceiling lamp module ensures the basic brightness requirement. Even in the middle part, where darkness easily exists, our ceiling lamp module can easily solve this problem, offering a reliable lighting solution. Its good illumination uniformity benefits from mixing different power LED and different angle lenses.


Other key features:

l Power: 4W/6W/8W

l Efficiency: 90-115lm/w

L CRI 80 or higher

L the View Angle: 120-160 °

L SDCM 5 or less

l Application: home, office, hotel, etc.

1. Outdoor LED Lighting Module-Outdoor Flood Light Module

Our outdoor flood LED module light not only ensures the maximum luminous efficacy of 140-150lm/W but also has a long life span of 50000hrs on average. These merits allow our outdoor flood light module to be applied to many scenarios, such as stadiums and roads.


Other key features:

l Module luminous flux: ≥6750lm@940mA

l Module power: 27W/ 36W/ 45W

l CCT: 2200-6500K

L CRI: p. 70

l Light distribution type: 24°, 30°, 36°, 60°, 90°, 90*120°

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After understanding the difference between indoor and outdoor LED module lights, it is important to complete the purchase from a trustworthy vendor. Refond is one example of a leader developing LED technology for over two decades. Ceiling lamps and outdoor street light modules are two examples of their offerings. Both offer great versatility in their domain of use by allowing the option to pair different modules together at different angles so that the lighting needs are properly met for the particular environment.


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