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Interview | Refond Optoelectronics adhere to create value as the guidance, win the trust of LED lighting plant customer


In recent years, the general LED general lighting market has become a red sea, LED lighting segmented application market and high value-added lighting products have gradually become the main driving force of LED lighting market development. Among them, LED plant lighting market segment will usher in explosive growth in the special year 2020, and the future cross-border integration with smart agriculture is even more promising.
Focusing on the issue of Chinese lighting packaging manufacturers winning more attention in the international market in the field of plant lighting application, Mr. Chen Hua, general manager of Special Light Source Division of Shenzhen Ruifeng Optoelectronics Co., LTD., said in an interview with LEDinside:
Situation, with the help of the current market opportunities and new demands of LED to agriculture cross-border integration, Chinese manufacturers in the real plant lighting market, the need to create value as the guidance, to product development ability as the main line, a driving force for client development, actively cooperate with the terminal customers, and the need to study some plants grow lighting system requirements, In a real sense, we can match the products of international lighting and packaging factories, and provide LED solutions that reduce cost and promote production for global customers with the advantages of China's LED supply chain, and promote the further integration of LED and agriculture.
Under the background of current times, indoor planting industry has received unprecedented universal attention.
Instead of slowing down the use of cannabis, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the rapid growth of the medical and recreational cannabis market in North America by simplifying the licensing process and speeding up the legalization process.
Coupled with the increasing frequency of extreme climate change around the world, investment and construction projects for indoor farming are springing up both in China and overseas to cope with the food safety crisis.
In addition, with the development of new technologies such as the Internet of things, big data and AI, the demand for products and services of agricultural growers is constantly upgrading. The cross-border deep integration of LED and smart agriculture has brought new opportunities and challenges for domestic LED packaging factories.
About the current China LED lighting assembly house in plant lighting market to win more international market focus, set consulting, photoelectric research LEDinside have interviewed at home and abroad with rich experience in product development and management of the special light source division general manager Mr Chen ruifeng photoelectric, plants in expression of the LED lighting market insight at the same time, It also introduces the progress of Ruifeng photoelectric LED plant lighting market, how its product technology helps the integration of LED and indoor agricultural planting, and the future market development plan.

Reducing the cost of plant lighting and improving the scientific formula of plant spectrum are the key to create value for plant lighting LED enterprises

Compared with the size of the LED general lighting market, the LED plant lighting market is still a niche emerging market. According to the research data of Jibang Consulting, in 2020, the global output value of plant lighting LED packaging devices and the market size of LED plant lighting fixtures were $261 million and $898 million, respectively.
Though, the plant has obvious drop in LED lighting product costs, which also contains red light LED and high power LED lamp bead unit price, the lower the cost of establishing plant lighting products, but far enough to persuade the commanding general indoor traditional product replacement for LED lighting products, in addition to the cultivation of marijuana and other few farmers with high value cash crops. In addition, the spectral formulation of plants is also the key to improve the yield and quality of indoor crops.
"From the perspective of the common market, enterprises in the field of plant lighting urgently need to solve the high price of lamp products and unscientific spectral formula, so that more farm growers take the initiative to embrace the additional benefits brought by LED plant lighting products." "Chen Hua said.
Chen further said in the interview that there are still problems in the Chinese market such as disorderly products and non-standard production designs, mainly due to the lack of unified standards and product quality control management in the industry. He also points to other problems in the industry: for example, there is a shortage of versatile people who understand both biological culture science and LED technology, which means that most manufacturers lack basic research on different plant spectra and living conditions or culture environments. At present, these problems are still troubling many enterprises in the industry, but also the main reason for the plant lighting market has been good.
Although the problems in the industry are more prominent, it does not affect the domestic lighting and packaging factories to concentrate their superior resources, relying on the ability given by their existing platforms to actively cooperate with the downstream terminal customer needs, help customers quickly enter the market.

Domestic lighting and packaging factory All in plant lighting Blue ocean, Ruifeng photoelectric adhere to product innovation and quality based on the market ▼

Since 2020, the investment amount of emerging indoor farming agricultural technology in Europe, North America, Japan, China and other regions has increased significantly. Indoor growers have high demand for LED lighting equipment, especially for cannabis cultivation in North America, resulting in a large number of packaging factories at home and abroad flooding into this market. In the face of international manufacturers and domestic manufacturers step by step, Ruifeng photoelectric still adhere to the steady and steady, product innovation and quality to win.

According to Chen Hua, Refond Optoelectronics is specially equipped with superior resources and platforms for plant lighting business, and has successively launched two categories of products: LED lamp beads and modules for plant lighting. Small and medium power plant LED products include 2835 LED, PCT 3030 LED, EMC 3030 LED, and ceramic high-power products including 3030 LED and 3535 LED, etc. Typical band values cover 450nm, 660nm and 730nm monochromatic light and white light products with high luminous efficiency. At the same time, Refond Optoelectronics also launched color conversion products, such as PC Amber, PC Red, PC Green, etc. In addition, the spectrum can be customized according to customer needs.

For lettuce, cannabis, dragon fruit, algae, home gardening plants, Ruifeng Photoelectric reserves the spectral light distribution scheme of different plants. In addition, for the conventional plant lighting forms such as line lights, quantum plates and octopus on the client side, Refond Optoelectronics is also equipped with module scheme, which greatly reduces the cycle and cost of customer introduction.

"Plant lighting products need to have a long life, stable light color, precise spectral formulation, and high air tightness to cope with the complex growing environment of plants. In addition to the light system, plant growth also has nutrient solution, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity control, which is a test for LED lamp beads." Chen Hua further said that the advantage of Ruifeng Photoelectric is to accurately control the spectrum and wavelength values of plants at different stages of growth, and ensure that the LED products provided have higher photosynthetic efficiency (PPF/W), especially on the 660nm red light products.
According to LEDinside, as new technologies such as Internet of things, big data and AI technology continue to be applied in practice, plant factories are also developing towards a more advanced stage in line with the trend of technological development. In 2021, many smart LED plant factories in the Chinese market made their debut, such as the first LED smart plant factory in Ningxia. Hunan Province invested 120 million yuan to introduce the first iot plant factory project in Zhuzhou High-tech Zone.
Finally, when it comes to Refond's future development plan in the plant lighting market, Chen Hua said that cannabis application is the starting line of plant lighting, and plant lighting will have a broader prospect in the future. And plants is actually a kind of intelligent illumination, Switzerland abundant photoelectric in balance the mechanism of plant growth and lighting combined with at the same time, will pay more attention to the platform of intelligent monitoring, analysis, early warning and control technology, the LED light source, integrated sensor, the planting and supply nutrient, light bioreactors, pest control and so on carries on the system research, Deep into the hinterland of facility agriculture; In terms of products, Refond Optoelectronics integrates these key equipment and provides modular system solutions to help customers quickly introduce products to the market.

The article is from TrendForce Group Consulting

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