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Light all things | plant lighting enrich human life


Everything grows and photosynthesizes

Light & Botany

Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants use light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into energy-storing organic matter and release oxygen. As an important environmental factor for plant growth and development, light not only provides energy for photosynthesis, but also plays an important regulatory role in plant growth cycle as a signal factor.

The quality of light, the intensity of light and the duration of light together determine the growth cycle of plants. Plants grow in the open air in nature, each plant has developed its own photoperiod genes, but due to various natural uncontrollable factors, their true growth talent has not been fully explored.

LED plant lights bring plants from outdoor to indoor, various growth conditions can be completely artificial control, thoroughly activate the growth cells of plants. By regulating the intensity and duration of light, it can affect the growth of plants.

Refond plant lighting advantage

Innovation & Creative

As one of the earliest LED plant lighting companies in China, Refond Optoelectronics has been at the leading level in the field of LED plant lighting.

Refond plant lighting customer application scenarios are more common, plant factories, greenhouse, family flowers, tissue culture, laboratory seedling planting and so on.

Rich packaging products

Refond photoelectric plant lighting LED packaging products include: medium and small power 2835 LED, 3030 LED, PCT5630 LED, EMC 3030 LED and ceramic high-power products including 3030 and 3535, etc. Typical band values cover 400-760nm monochromatic light and white light products with high reliability and high luminous efficiency.

At the same time, Refond also launched color conversion products, such as PC Green, PC Mint, PC Lime, PC Amber, PC Red, etc.

Refond Plant Lighting part package product range

Module technology is mature

In addition to packaging devices, Refond Photoelectric synchronous increase the combination of its own lamp beads and market customer demand plant lighting overall module technology development and reserve.

At present, there are module products for different plants, such as cannabis plant lamp module, lettuce plant lamp module, dragon fruit plant lamp module and so on.

Refond Hemp Plant Lamp Module Product specifications

Customized Solutions

In addition to the reserve of light source and module technology, Refond Photoelectric can customize the most suitable and efficient plant lighting solutions according to the needs of customers in different regions, different plant species and different growth stages, etc., to meet the needs of customers in strict and complex scenarios.

Refond Optoelectronics continuously strengthens the cooperation and experience sharing with downstream terminals, reduces the import cycle and cost of customers, and reduces the input-output ratio of application terminals.

Layout for Future development

The competition in the plant lighting industry is intensifying. Some common applications such as cannabis, tomato, lettuce planting, seedling and other plant lighting have become increasingly widespread. However, LED plant lighting, as an important link in the industrial chain of smart agriculture, still has large room for growth.

In the future, in addition to the extension of product technology direction, Refond Optoelectronics will continue to optimize and expand the market application direction based on market demand and policy direction, break industry barriers, deepen the interdisciplinary collaboration of geography and environment science, biology, LED technology, intelligent control and other disciplines, as well as closer cooperation and communication between clients. To provide customers with more suitable and efficient "light formula" database and corresponding solutions.

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