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POB Vs. COB LED Technology: Which Is a Better Mini LED Backlight Solution in the Future?


Displays like TVs, laptop screens, billboards, or smartphones, are everywhere. There are different elements to the technology involved in these displays. One is the backlight solution, which adds to the display's brightness and contrast. Concerning Mini LED backlight solutions, COB (chip on board) LED technology and POB (package on board) LED technology has been compared as the two key contenders. Since they differ from each other in several aspects, it is important to explore their current development to understand their prospects and compare them across different parameters.

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Current Development of POB and COB LED Technology

Exploring the industry norms gives us insight into the POB and COB LED technology. Comparatively, POB is a mature technology with greater utilization across the industry. This brings cost advantages as the technology is already mass-produced. COB LED technology is more suitable for mini LED displays as it brings greater precision and quality than POB. Still, it's hard to give a clear answer as to which is a better Mini LED backlight solution. there is a need to go a little bit deeper and compare them in the various aspects.

The Comparison between POB and COB LED Technology


The primary difference between the construction of POB and COB LED technology is how the LEDs are housed on the PCB. In the case of POB, each LED has its frame or "package" to hold it on the PCB. Since the backlight module of the POB features thickness, it is hard to achieve thinness but occupy more space on the POB. However, COB LED technology adopts a different approach by housing all the LEDs within the same frame. As a result, more LEDs can be installed on the PCB without compromising lightness and thinness.



There is a difference in the performance of POB and COB LED technology. POB is suited for large displays since the lighting lacks focus and a sharp beam. As we move towards medium-sized and Mini LED displays, the backlight offered by COB LED technology gives a sharper result with better brightness and contrast.



POB and COB LED technology have different applications in the mini and medium-sized LED domains. POB technology is used for cost-effective automotive LED displays, smartphone screens, and smartwatch screens. The trade-off for this choice is lower brightness and contrast. COB LED technology is used for higher-end variants of smartwatches, smartphones, and automotive LED displays. The resulting display has the greater quality and offers deeper blacks with more brightness and contrast.



POB technology

has low precision requirements with a high yield. At the same time, it is cheaper as it is being produced on a larger scale and subsequently has a lower per unit production cost. However, COB technology features higher precision, imposing a stricter chip requirement. Thus, if COB technology is adopted, it is relatively more expensive for the time being.


Which Is a Better Mini LED Backlight Solution in the Future?

In light of the discussion, it is fair to conclude that COB LED technology has the edge in construction, performance, and application scenarios, proving to be the future of mini LED backlight solutions. Thus, it is a worthwhile investment for companies. Undeniably, the cost is still a problem that LED suppliers need to work on for a better COB LED solution. However, production costs are expected to decrease as COB LED technology becomes more common. Furthermore, as more research is done on COB LED technology, it is expected that issues like inhibition of dissipating heat properly can be addressed. The lifespan of COB LED technology can be extended, which translates to lower maintenance or replacement costs.


COB LED technology is anticipated to shine in the future. If people desire to get this technology applied to their business, they can purchase from any trustworthy vendor. We are one reliable option as we have dedicated our time and efforts to refining the COB LED technology widely used in the commercial, medical, and consumption realms. Our specialization in COB LED technology allows us to produce premium products of great performance. Contact us for the state-of-the-art Mini LED technology that can fulfill your needs.

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