Empowering High-End Commercial Lighting | Refond Granted Global Patent Authorization for KSF Phosphor

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Empowering High-End Commercial Lighting | Refond Granted Global Patent Authorization for KSF Phosphor


Recently, Refond Optoelectronics signed a patent application authorization agreement for KSF (PFS) fluorescent powder with Current Chemical Company. With this authorization, Refond can globally apply KSF fluorescent powder to its lighting LED products, further accelerating Refond's expansion into the global high end lighting application market.

Meeting Global Energy-Efficiency Market Demands

In response to the global climate and energy challenges, energy efficiency has become a shared goal worldwide. With the continuous rise in ERP standards in Europe and the USA, high standard LED filament bulbs have stricter requirements for device luminous efficiency. The existing fluorescent system using YAG and nitrides has encountered limitations, and pairing it with large sized chips significantly increases production costs.

LED light sources with high color rendering index (CRI) have become a popular choice in the lighting industry due to their outstanding quality and lighting effects. Refond has integrated cutting edge KSF technology to introduce a series of LED light sources with high CRI, high R9 value, excellent luminous efficiency, and reliability. These products, certified by LM80, provide the best lighting solutions for retail, hotels, and other high end commercial lighting applications.

KSF Phosphor Technology

Innovating through phosphor technology to enhance LED packaging efficiency, improve light color quality, and reduce packaging costs is the eternal theme of LED phosphor technology development. 

Unlike traditional nitride phosphors, fluoride (KSF) phosphors have a narrow half width emission spectrum, and their excitation spectrum has minimal absorption in the green light segment. This reduces re absorption issues of aluminum silicate yellow/green phosphors in packaging applications, resulting in a beneficial effect of improving product brightness.

Relative spectrum/wavelength

Compared to traditional nitride phosphor solutions, Refond employs the KSF phosphor's innovative lighting approach, significantly enhancing brightness with a 10 to 20% increase in luminous efficiency (@Ra90). It maintains color stability for extended durations under different conditions while possessing features like sulfur resistance and air tightness. Under equivalent parameters, high CRI LED light sources using KSF phosphor consume less energy, assisting users in energy savings and maintenance cost reduction.

Contributing to Global Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction

In fact, Refond Optoelectronics obtained the GE global patent authorization for KSF phosphor application in 2016, making it the first LED packaging manufacturer in China to receive this authorization. With the acquisition of the authorized patent for KSF phosphor in lighting LED applications, Refond Optoelectronics will continue to introduce more high efficiency, high CRI, and high quality LED light sources, contributing to the global goals of energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

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