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Why Is Infrared LED Used for Traffic Monitoring


Traffic monitoring systems are becoming increasingly common and have been used in several areas, including parking lots, hospitals, schools, and more. While traffic monitoring is quite pervasive today, there are still many people who are not aware of what an infrared LED traffic monitoring system is capable of offering.


Infrared LEDs play a pivotal role in traffic monitoring purposes. They produce infrared light that does not interfere with driver visibility. Aside from that, there are other features that make infrared LED lights the ideal choice for traffic monitoring.


Features of the Infrared LED

The infrared LED light has numerous characteristics that make them especially suitable for traffic monitoring and other security purposes. Some of these features include:

1. Long Lifespan

The average lifespan of standard LEDs, including infrared LEDs,  lasts 50,000 hours[1], about 25 times longer than the standard incandescent lamp.

2. No Heat

The IR LED light does not generate heat, making it safe to use in various applications like traffic monitoring without fearing interfering with people on the road.

3. Low Power Consumption

The infrared LED light consumes less power than incandescent bulbs, thus making its end-use more power efficient and enabling significant savings in traffic monitoring.

4. Excellent Penetration

This feature of infrared LEDs enables safety cameras to work even in bad weather conditions, such as moist and foggy days, ensuring image and video quality.

How Does the Infrared LED Work?

In traffic monitoring, the infrared LED is used to detect the presence and type of vehicles on the road by illuminating a specific area on the road surface. The information is then sent to a control center, which can be located anywhere. Then it analyzes the information and sends a signal to other devices or vehicles that need to know about it. This signal will tell them to stop their engine or change direction accordingly, depending on their actions.

Benefits of Using the Infrared LED in Traffic Monitoring

The choice of infrared LEDs instead of other LED forms is due to the superiority these lights offer. Some of these perks include

1. Wide Coverage

The LED choices, especially wide-angle infrared LED lights, can easily capture the road condition at night and during low-light conditions. With the cooperation of infrared LED from different angles, any emergency in the area is captured. Worth mentioning is that we offer infrared LEDs with different angles, satisfying different needs of road conditions for better monitoring.

2. Clear Images

Although invisible to the naked eye, IR LED lights allow cameras to capture clear and crisp images. With clear images, people can easily analyze and understand road conditions, making IR receiver sensors suitable for traffic monitoring. Based on the best optical design, our infrared LEDs are able to present clear images for traffic monitoring.

3. Ease of Integration

Infrared LED lights can easily be adapted to any traffic system, making the installation friendly and easy for users.

Choose Refond for High-quality Infrared LED Lights

Choosing high-quality infrared LED lights for traffic monitoring systems is a great way to save money, conserve energy (reducing environmental impact) and improve safety.  However, these desirable effects can not be achieved without the help of a reliable supplier. As we have devoted ourselves to LED technology for over ten years, we are the best choice for high-quality infrared LEDs. Here are some of the reasons:

1) Powerful R&D Ability

The major reason why Refond can provide such high-quality infrared LEDs is that it has an excellent research and development ability. We have a perfect R&D mechanism with 423 R&D talents involved in the whole process, including the designing process, manufacturing process, and R&D management.

2) Perfect LED Packaging Solutions and Products

We offer a wide range of LEDs, including high-quality infrared LEDs, which are suitable for security systems and traffic monitoring systems. With our perfect LED packaging solutions and products, our superior products can be protected from sun damage and dust.

3) Strict Quality Control

Rather than push defected products, we opt for perfect ones. Therefore, before we deliver products to clients, we conduct strict tests only to make sure that the products are up to standard for usage.


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