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No Main Lamp Lighting, Refond creates high-quality light sources


In recent years, with the rise of minimalism, the lighting trend of no main light has played a significant role in simplifying space and enriching the layers of light. It creates

 a warm and comfortable atmosphere, quickly spreading from commercial office settings to the residential market, gradually becoming a new direction in ambient lighting design.

(No main light scene lighting schematic)

Compared to the traditional model where a single ceiling or pendant light dominates, "no main light" lighting employs a combination of distributed light sources, utilizing 

point, line, and surface light arrangements to illuminate the space. It offers advantages such as uniform light distribution, enhanced spatial layering, superior lighting effe-

cts, improved energy efficiency, enhanced decorative performance, and versatile installation options.

Embracing the trend of “no main light” lighting 
Demand & Opportunity

The current trend of "no main light" design incorporates a combination of different types of lighting fixtures such as spotlights, downlights, strip lights, track lights, and 

floor lamps, catering to the diverse lighting needs in various activity scenarios. This approach creates multi-layered ambient light, focal light, and atmospheric light, while 

also placing higher demands on the functionality of LED light sources in terms of adjustable color temperature and light intensity.

As an innovative leader in the LED packaging industry, Refond Optoelectronics caters to the demands of the smart lighting market. Building upon its rich product portfolio 

of white, color, purple light, filament, and modules, Refond has developed LED device solutions that cover a wide range of "no main light" lighting fixture options.

These solutions are specifically designed to adapt to various types of lighting fixtures such as spotlights, downlights, strip lights, track lights, floor lamps, wall sconces, and 

decorative lights. They meet the high-level requirements for intelligent home lighting circadian rhythms and human-centric lighting, ensuring healthy and personalized lighting experiences

Quality & Solution

Without a pure and consistent light source, the illuminated space may resemble a smudged piece of paper, resulting in subpar lighting effects.

For lighting products, excellent light quality is indeed a fundamental requirement. Light color consistency refers to the uniformity of brightness among individual LED chips, 

consistent brightness from end to end in strip lights, and an overall absence of noticeable color variations. This ensures clean and comfortable illumination for the space.

Refond's technical personnel possess extensive knowledge in LED packaging materials, structures, and processes. They are capable of providing high-efficiency, high-color 

rendering, full-spectrum, low-energy consumption, and durable high-quality light sources.

Refond Optoelectronics' featured smart home "no main light" product solution utilizes high-brightness and high-color rendering light sources with a color rendering index (CRI) 

exceeding 95. This ensures the accurate reproduction of object colors. Additionally, the solution encompasses a full-spectrum, low-blue light property with a standardized color 

difference (SDCM) below 3, enabling the provision of healthy light across the entire spectrum.