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At 23:00 on July 12, 2022 Beijing time, NOTHING brand held a product conference in London and released the first smartphone device Nothing Phone, the Nothing Phone back cover light belt is produced by Ruifeng research and development.

The phone has a unique back cover made of transparent material and, for the first time, MINI LED technology on the back cover, which can be used in different Settings for a variety of functions.

The user can customize the LED bead array on the back cover through the built-in menu of the mobile phone, which can realize the response style of various applications and various notifications, realize the interaction of different scenes, and add another interactive beauty to the mobile phone besides the communication function.

Work together to create Ruifeng innovative force

As a representative of LED industry innovation, Ruifeng R&D and product team has great sensitivity and passion for emerging markets.

Driven by MINI technology and the market, Ruifeng takes the lead in realizing the large-scale commercial use of MINI LED in the mobile phone industry with its powerful scientific research resources and high-quality production process, becoming the first application in the industry.

At present, Ruifeng has fully reached the mass production level in terms of MINI technology, capacity and finished product yield, and can customize different specifications and parameters according to the actual needs of customers.

The three core selling points are full of imagination

Cool appearance extreme interaction

Ruifeng MINI LED is the world's first MINI LED mobile phone cool design, for mobile phone and other portable electronic product ID design has brought unlimited imagination space; Among them, the interaction function is personalized defined for different calls and different information of the human-machine interface, and it can also realize the transmission between different NT devices, so that the mobile phone becomes a personalized human-machine interaction platform from a purely functional device.

Ultralight thin low heat dissipation low power consumption

Ruifeng MINI LED adopts non-active device design and minimalist integrated molding technology to challenge the technological limits of MINI LED. The final product is as light as a feather, and the ultimate thickness is less than 0.5mm. The maximum current of a single lamp belt is less than 80mA, and the operating temperature is less than 24 degrees Celsius.

Extreme light effect design

Ruifeng MINI LED uses denser chip distribution than small spacing LED to achieve exquisite display effect; The appearance surface can be customized with high texture diaphragm and different appearance shapes, which can meet the interaction needs of different intelligent devices. Through the extreme light effect quality, users can feel the scientific and technological aesthetics of light.

In addition to the three core selling points, there are also product features such as adjustable brightness, high reaction speed, small size, and minimal installation. It also has the feature of self-lighting without backlight source, which can meet the requirements of small volume, light and thin products.

The finished products of Ruifeng MINI LED show strong flexibility and toughness, which can fit perfectly with the surface of the object, without fear of any complex shape; Its simplified process structure, also make it has a strong reliability.

Layout of the future technology consumer market

In the performance advantages of the same type of products, Ruifeng MINI LED is more energy saving and lower cost than other display technologies.

MINI LED display is mainly used for high-end business display. With the popularity of AR and VR portable devices, MINI LED display will be ready for development in the field of consumer electronics in the future, with unlimited development space.

In the face of a sluggish global economic environment, Ruifeng is driven by innovation as the core, relying on strong R&D strength and production capacity advantages, and is the first to launch MINI LED consumer applications.

In the future, Ruifeng will continue to make great efforts in the field of consumer electronics, continue to increase research and development investment, accelerate the optimization of MINI LED mass production system and application adaptation, drive the innovation and development of all categories of business, become a bright banner of the photoelectric industry, and lead the whole industry to quickly enter a new era of development.

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