Non - polar Color Temperature Series

FCOB Lamp Series


- Linear light bar without light spot, Light Angle 180 °, Waterproof grade: IP20, Minimum bending radius: 50mm,single end power supply, maximum service length of 5m;

- CRI>80,95LM/W; Toner temperature range: 1800 ~ 6500k or 2700 ~ 6500k;

- Only suitable for non-polar CCT dimming and toning controller on the market;

- It is suitable for supporting applications such as dark slot backlight / contour hook. The environmental application effect in home and office areas is excellent.

Technology Spec.

Product Size Product NO. Chip number VF(V) Power(W) Luminous efficiency(lm/W) CCT(K) Ra Shear unit(mm)
10mm RF-S10C-WW2T600F-I4 600 12V 18W >110 1800K+6500K 80 20mm
10mm RF-S10C-WW1T600F-I4 >110 2700K+6500K
10mm RF-S10C-WW2T616H-I4 616 24V 18W >115 1800K+6500K 80 22.73mm
10mm RF-S10C-WW1T616H-I4 >115 2700K+6500K

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