Optocoupler 817 Series

Industrial Control


- Suitable for switching power supply, instrumentation, home appliances, industrial manufacturing and other fields.

- As a transmission medium, the optocoupler enables the electrical signal to have one-way transmission capability. The input end and the output end are completely electrically isolated. The output signal has no effect on the input end. It has strong anti-interference ability, stable operation, no contact, long life time and high transmission efficiency.

- Passed CQC, UL, VDE certification.

Technology Spec.

Part No. Viso CTR% IF=5mA VCE=5V
RF-817A-C 5000 80-160
RF-817B-C 5000 130-210
RF-817C-C 5000 200-400
RF-817D-C 5000 300-600
RF-817SA-TP-C 5000 80-160
RF-817SB-TP-C 5000 130-210
RF-817SC-TP-C 5000 200-400
RF-817SD-TP-C 5000 300-600

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