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Optical coupler 817 series

Optical Coupler

Characteristics of the

-Suitable for switching power supply, instrumentation, household appliances, industrial manufacturing and other fields.

- Optocoupler as a transmission medium makes the electrical signal with one-way transmission capability, the input and output end completely realize the electrical isolation, the output signal has no influence on the input end, with strong anti-interference ability, stable work, no contact, long service life, high transmission efficiency.

-Widely meets the needs of electrical isolation, level conversion, interstage coupling, switching circuit, pulse amplifier, solid-state relay, instrument and meter, microcomputer interface circuit and so on.

- The products have passed CQC, UL and VDE certification.

Optical coupler 817 series
Optical coupler 817 series

Product Parameters

Part No.VisoCTR% IF=5mA VCE=5V

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