Automotive Lighting

Automotive Lighting

The car is known as the“Moving House”. Today, with the development of the times, car is no longer just a means of travel, but gradually become a necessity of the public, and one of the main places of people's life. People's harsh pursuit of life is reflected in the experience of the atmosphere. Internally, they need to achieve the harmony of vision and sense organs; and externally, they need to meet the high unity of speed and safety. The hardness of comfort and ease places high demands on automotive lighting system.

In the application of automotive interior and exterior lighting, Refond’s full color led(including customized color),IR and other components cover all performance levels, packaging shapes and sizes. Whether it is lighting devices or signal fixtures, Refond’s comprehensive and highly diversified product portfolio is suitable for almost all automotive interior and exterior application. We understand the specific needs of customer and maintain close contact with them. In the solution and customized solution, Refond combine its rich experience and strong strength with customer to create many successful solutions, thus has a high reputation in the field of automotive lighting.

Product Series

  • Interior Lighting

    - Precise color and intensity binning.

    - Suitable for optimizing most light guide plate applications.

    - High reliability.

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  • Exterior Lighting

    - A variety of colors and power options, suitable for different scenes.

    - Anti-vulcanization, high heat resistance.

    - Low thermal resistance, high reliability.

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