Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting

Product Series

  • Household & Industrial Equipment

    - Plenty of models and specifications; Rich Color.

    - The product has high reliability and strong anti-static ability.

    - Used in industrial equipment, refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliances.

    - Can replace chip LED and more excellent reliability. Application experience of big companies at home and abroad

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  • Intelligent Lighting

    - High color quality, high color fidelity and color rendition.

    - Very speicial, the diversification of products can meet the particularity of people's requirements for lighting, and reflect different personalities.

    - Different package models are available.

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  • Signage LED

    - Used in community publicity column project, bus and subway advertising column, architectural display project, exhibition center, etc.

    - The products are rich and diverse, and can provide customers with customized solutions.

    - LM-80 passed.

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  • LED flexible strips

    - EN6271 photobiological safety certification, which greatly reduces blue light hazards compared with traditional lamps.

    - Used in home interior decoration, hotel, bar and other places decoration.

    - The spectrum is continuously saturated, high color rendering, close to the solar spectrum.

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  • Medical Beauty

    - Medical cosmetology, facial mask instrument, etc.

    - Monochrome, three-color or four-color, wavelength can be customized with customer.

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