Home Appliances

Home Appliances

Refond LED can bring a new style for product UI design, achieve sensing and digital control, create convenience and atmosphere to the multi-dimensional interactive experience.

LED is preferred option and play a very important role in modern household appliances design.

Refond LED can create new possibilities in the design of digital display and indication . Although consumers' expectation is only to focus on the functional lighting, but Refond LED design completely exceeds that, not only can provide lighting but also can bring people an esthetic, warm and comfortable feeling from home appliances . Therefore, LED designer is flexible to create sort of lighting experience to reflect the interaction between people and light.

Product Series

  • Digital Display

    - Good color consistency.

    - Stable performance.

    - The product range is complete, covering all color series of conventional home appliances.

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  • Indication

    Suitable for different light-emitting structures.Complete colors, single color, Bi-color, full color.

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