Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Data shows that more than two-thirds of a person's life is spent indoors, living, working, and studying. With the advancement of society and the improvement of demand, how to create a passion in a limited space, it is not only a simple design of four walls and one roof, but also to meet different needs, seeking the unity of body and mind and the wonderful feeling of nature and comfort, in short, is the perfect fusion of senses and vision.

Therefore, as an indispensable part of indoor lighting and a direct visual trigger, it is particularly important to choose a partner with rich experience and strong strength in terms of functional reliability and creating a comfortable environment. Refond Optoelectronics has a wide range of LED products, which can be used in homes, offices, buildings, supermarkets and other venues. It has unlimited possibilities in commercial and residential space applications. No matter what kind of demand, you can always find the perfect solution here.

Product Series

  • Low&Middle power

    - Material of lead frame:PPA/PCT;

    - SDCM≤5;LM80;

    - L70>54Khrs,L90>36Khrs;

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  • Standard filament

    - High temperature resistance, long liferime,high voltage;

    - Low current, used with linear power supply.

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  • Special filament

    - Flexiable for all kinds of design.

    - widely used in showcase, home, restaurant etc.

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