LED Modules

LED Modules


  • Refrigerator Lighting Modules

    - High light efficiency, good color consistency.

    - The module has good heat dissipation, and the PC casing Refond private mold, the finished product can pass the 65° ball pressure test.

    - The waterproof grade of the finished product is IP68. With constant voltage scheme, the error of thermal current can be controlled within 5%.

    Application scene:Refrigerator lamp modules are mainly used in refrigerators. According to the structure, they are divided into: vertical, horizontal, semi-vertical, combined, island, round island, etc.

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  • Outdoor Lighting Modules

    - Application scene:Suitable for urban roads, express roads, main roads, secondary roads, branch roads and residential area lighting, etc.

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  • Direct Panel Light Modules

    - The whole lamp has very thin thickness , and with the good uniformity , also with Excellent heat resistance performance.

    - The first to develop and apply for a utility model patent for appearance.

    Patent No.: 201320798184.1

    Application scene :Offices, hotels, conference rooms, supermarkets, indoor lighting, factories, etc.

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  • Mask Instrument Modules

    - White: Tender skin, repair dullness.

    - Clean: Reduce acne and clean skin, reduce pores.

    - Tender: Smoothes wrinkles and moisturizes skin.

    Mode selection

    Mode 1. Working mode: RED+UV+IR, IR 300-500mA, 20mins;

    Mode 2. Working mode: UV, UV 600-1000mA, 20mins;

    Mode 2. Working mode: RED+IR, RED: 600-800mA/IR: 600-800mA, 20mins.

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  • Ceiling Lamp Modules

    - Through the mixing of different power lamp beads and different angle lenses, the whole lamp is even and better, and the shortcomings of the dark area in the middle of the ceiling lamp are solved, and the utility model patent of the appearance has been applied.

    Patent number: 201420259908.X

    Main application scene: homes, offices, hotels, etc.

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  • Linear Light Modules

    - High efficiency, good color consistency.

    - The module has good heat dissipation. To ensure the good heat dissipation and stability of the module, PCB adopts the super thermal conductivity of ≥ 1.5mm thickness board with the copper thickness scheme of the super general board.

    - The module design scheme is excellent, and the voltage difference between the head and tail of the 4 modules is within 0.3V.

    - The color temperature of the module can be changed every 100K, and the CRI can be changed from 81 to 95.

    Application scene:Factory workshops, car washing room, gymnasiums, offices, homes, bookstores, conference rooms, hospitals, campuses, etc.

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