LED Lighting

Refond LED’s strength is in the LED R & D system with over 2500 staff working for the best indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

LED Lighting

Why is Refond your best choice?

  • Refond LED R&D team consists of 2500 professional and experienced employees, giving the highest priority to practical and marketing-oriented design.
  • We can offer customized product designs to your specific requirements(size, power, CRI, spectrum, etc).
  • Large factory and strong manufacturing capacity enable us to accept your bulk order and achieve satisfying results on time.
  • Refond has a strict quality control department to monitor the whole production process.
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Indoor LED Lighting

Data shows that People spend more than two-thirds of their time living, working and studying indoor. With the development of society, the demand for how to create a warm surrounding environment in a limited space is increasing. That requires more about the perfect fusion of senses and vision than simple room design. Refond now has quality indoor led light on sale to meet your demand.

Outdoor LED Lighting

The light in the dark is like a beacon, illuminating the way forward, and giving people courage and a sense of safety. With the development of science and technology, the role of outdoor light has long been not only lighting, but also ornamental. Therefore, choosing a reliable partner will determine how great the effects it will perform. If you are looking for commercial led lights for sale, we are your best choice.

Product Series

  • Indoor Lighting

    - Diverse kinds of indoor LED lighting chips customized for your need. You can find bulk led strip lights and lighting chips with different power range here.

    - High consistency; High Tj

    - High CRI; High Efficiency

    - High Power

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  • Outdoor Lighting

    - We specialize in manufacturing outdoor LED lighting chips in both functional lighting and decoration lighting area.

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  • Commercial Lighting

    - Perfect commercial lighting makes your display more attractive. Refond provides customized products and services according to your exact specifications.

    - Material of lead frame:PPA/PCT;

    - SDCM≤5;LM80;Rohs

    - L70>54Khrs,L90>36Khrs;

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