Outdoor Lighting

The White LED which was fabricated using a blue chip and the phosphor

Outdoor Lighting

The sun and the moon turn, day and night alternate. The light of the night is always like a beacon, not only illuminating the way forward, but also giving people courage and safety. Today with the development of science and technology, the role of outdoor light has long been not only lighting, but also ornamental, just like beautiful scenery requires perfect products to perform. Therefore, choosing a reliable partner will determine whether beauty can stay.

Refond Optoelectronics LED device product portfolio is extremely wide. Among them, the EMC high-power product series and COB series are high-quality packages. They are designed for professional outdoor lighting and can match all high-quality applications, from functional lighting to decoration lighting, from tunnel lighting to garage lighting, from street lighting to architectural lighting, our LEDs excel in durability and long life.

Product Series

  • EMC

    - High heat resistant,Anti-UV.

    - Application: street light, spot light,high bay light, flood light, tunnel light and so on general light.

    - EMC packaging.

    - High integration and small size.

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